House Show (re)Visitations

House Show (re)Visitations: A Music Mix By and For Habañero Collective

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Over the course of several years, we hosted some fantastic artists and we want to share them with you. So we have started making mixes of some of the artists we’ve featured. Here is a mix of 20 of the artists we hosted. Hopefully, this will be the first installment of several. Either way: Enjoy.

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  1. “Distress Signal” by Jeremy Casella. From the 2007 album Rcvry. (WEB // BC // AMZN)

  2. “America’s Son” by Air Review. From the 2013 album Low Wishes. (WEB // BC // AMZN)

  3. “One, Two, Three” by Christian Lee Hutson. From the 2015 album Yeah Okay, I Know. (WEB // BC // AMZN)

  4. “Big Ghost” by Chris Bathgate. From the 2016 EP Old Factory. (WEB // BC // AMZN)

  5. “Folded Hands” by Zoo Animal. From the 2010 self-titled album. (WEB // BC // AMZN)

  6. “Always The Same” by the Autumn Film. From the 2010 album The Ship and the Sea. (WEB // BC // AMZN)

  7. “Ornithology” by Foreknown. From the 2014 album Ornithology. (AMZN)

  8. “New Way of Living” by David Ramirez. From the 2015 album Fables. (WEB // BC // AMZN)

  9. “Letting Go and Holding On” by Shawn Skinner and the Men of Reason. From the 2016 album Letting Go and Holding On. (WEB // BC // AMZN)

  10. “Minnie Pearl” by Matt Haeck. From the 2015 album Late Bloomer. (WEB // BC // AMZN)

  11. “Monster Truck” by Ramsay Midwood. Live on KCRW. (WEB // AMZN)

  12. “The Truth” by American Longspurs. From the 2014 album Palo Santo. (WEB // BC)

  13. “We Will All Be Changed” by Seryn. From the 2011 album This Is Where We Are. (BC // AMZN)

  14. “Old Man’s Town” by the Hollands! From the 2013 album Over Lands & Leas. (WEB // BC // AMZN)

  15. “Come On” by Aaron Spiro. Unreleased, live at the Thomas Listening Room. (BC // AMZN)

  16. “Honest Kind of Luck” by Dylan Pratt. From the 2013 album Beg For Fire. (WEB // BC // AMZN)

  17. “Sisters and Brothers” by the Vespers. From the 2015 album Sisters and Brothers. (WEB // BC // AMZN)

  18. “Switzerland” by the Last Bison. From the 2011 album Quill. (WEB // BC // AMZN)

  19. “Nothing Like A Train” by Vigilantes of Love. From the 1999 album Audible Sigh. (WEB // BC // AMZN)

  20. “Homestead” by Northern Hustle. From the 2013 album Forgether. (BC // AMZN)

The Hollands! Live for Habañero Collective!


November 27, 2013, we had the privilege of hosting a video shoot with our friends and family band The Hollands! The group was spending some times in the United States and we were lucky enough to spend some time with them. This wasn’t a full house show, though we had been lucky enough to have hosted the Hollands previously with Nick Flora and Obadiah Parker. Instead, we had a kid-friendly pot-luck meal and asked the band to perform two songs for us.

The first track was “Old Man’s Town from the group’s 2013 album Over Land And Leas. All video and editing by the amazing Kha Do who deserves more credit than we can really give.

The second song is called “Unfashionable Wisdom.” Enjoy. All video and editing by the amazing Kha Do who deserves more credit than we can really give.

  • Visit the Hollands! official website.

  • Follow the Hollands! on Facebook.

  • Support the band at Bandcamp.

Habañero Collective House Show Posters

Habañero Collective House Show Posters.

All design work by Brent Thomas or Mark Whiten, except the Northern Hustle poster, which is all Drew Dunlap. Click through to see full images and sometimes maybe find cool links.