Shawn Skinner Videos

Photo by Kha Do.

Photo by Kha Do.

One of the dreams of Habañero Collective has always been to promote culture, community, music, art, and the overlap of all of the above. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to work right alongside some mighty talented people.

One of those people is Arizona’s own Shawn Skinner. Shawn has played around town both solo and with his band The Men of Reason.

Shawn grew up playing in a family band all over in Arizona. But that’s not why we’re posting today. In 2013, Shawn opened for Denison Witmer at the Last Exit Live in Phoenix. The set was recorded and released as Skinned Alive At The Last Exit. But that’s not why we’re posting today. Then, in 2016, Shawn released his debut album Letting Go and Holding On with his band the Men of Reason. We highly recommend it, but that’s not why we’re posting today. Shawn also plays guitar and sings harmonies with Habañero Collective friends Some Dark Hollow. They’re terrific, and we highly recommend catching them live if you can. But that’s not why we’re posting today.

We are posting today because, in 2013, we had the privilege of working with Kha Do to record two videos of Shawn walking in the middle of nowhere. No overdubs.

First is “Mainstay”

Next up is “You Better Not Miss”

  • Purchase Skinned Alive At The Last Exit at Bandcamp.

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