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All the week’s news that’s fit to cry about (10/11/19 Edition).

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RIP Rip Taylor.

Read “Social Justice Is A Christian Tradition - Not A Liberal Agenda at Sojourners.

Read Christianity Today’s piece: “Teacher’s Lawsuit Reflects Evangelical Educators’ Dilemma Over Transgender Pronouns A fired French instructor says the school board’s policy didn’t allow for compromise.”

Read as Facts and Trends wonders: “When Is It OK To Walk Away From Toxic People in Ministry?” My guess is that it should be a lot sooner than most people would admit, but read the piece for yourself.

Read as Jim Wallis wonders “And Who Is Your Neighbor: “How can so many white Americans, most of whom call Jesus 'Lord,' be so disconnected from the meaning and implications of perhaps Christ’s most famous teaching?”

Read Mike Frost’s piece: “New kinds of churches really are the hope of the future.”

Read “How Augustine responded to the problem of evil without solving it When we make sense of suffering, we lose our ability to protest against it” by James K.A. Smith at Christian Century.

Read “The Utter Strangeness of Christ’s Divinity” at Mockingbird.

Read Christianity Today’s piece: “Make a Joyful Silence Unto the Lord Why quiet is essential to corporate worship.”

Read: “Ancient Megalopolis Uncovered in Israel Was the 'New York City' of Its Time Period” at Live Science.

Watch as MSNBC wonders “What image portrays our national mood today?"

Read: “I Used to Be Homeless—and Here’s What Everyone Gets Wrong About It” at MSN.

ReadLeo Tolstoy on Kindness and the Measure of Love “Nothing can make our life, or the lives of other people, more beautiful than perpetual kindness” at Brain Pickings.

Read AV Club’s report: “HBO is adding mental health disclaimers before certain shows.”

Read Washington Post’s piece: “Researchers say there’s a simple way to reduce suicides: Increase the minimum wage.”

Read “Corporations and guns: How companies are reshaping the gun control debate” at CBS News.

  • Read/watch ABC7NY’s report: “Dick's Sporting Goods destroyed $5 million worth of assault weapons.”

Read Christianity Today’s opinion piece: “David Was a Rapist, Abraham Was a Sex Trafficker What we miss when we downgrade Old Testament abuse stories to sexual peccadilloes.”

Read: “Undermining Human Rights In The Name of Religious Freedom: The Pompeo commission is at odds with Jesus' radically egalitarian teachings.” at Sojourners.

Read Juicy Ecumenicism’s piece: “Why the Red Letter Christian Movement Is Not Growing.”

Read Slate’s report: “Polish men under 40 now think the biggest threat to the country is LGBT people: The Horrifying Campaign Against LGBTQ People in Poland—and How the U.S. Has Made It Worse.”

Watch “as An Animated Michael Sandel Explains How Meritocracy Degrades Our Democracy” at Open Culture.

Read The Intercept’s opinion piece: “Dear Ellen: The Problem With George W. Bush Is Not His Beliefs — It’s His War Crimes.”

Watch MSNBC’s report: “Two businessmen who helped Giuliani go after Biden in Ukraine arrested on campaign finance charges.”

Read NPR’s report: “After China Objects, Apple Removes App Used By Hong Kong Protesters.”

Read CNBC’s report: “The cost of Trump’s tariffs has fallen ‘entirely’ on US businesses and households.”

  • Read Pro Publica’s report: “How Trump’s Tariffs Are Creating Jobs — for Canadians.”

Read Rolling Stone’s report: “The Richest Americans Are Now Paying a Lower Tax Rate Than the Working Class The U.S. government isn’t just failing to address inequality. It’s driving it.”

Read NBC’s report: “House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings subpoenas White House for Ukraine documents.”

  • Browse “A Running List Of Republicans Criticizing Trump's Ukraine Scandal” at HuffPost.

  • Sign Faithful America’s petition arguing that Christians should not support Trump.

  • Read Rolling Stone’s report: “Trump Blames Rick Perry for ‘Perfect’ Ukraine Call “I didn’t even want to make the call,” the president said while tossing the energy secretary under the bus.”

  • Read/watch “2nd whistleblower comes forward after speaking with IG: Attorney” at ABC News.

  • Read “Kelli Ward to hold anti-impeachment Arizona events for Trump campaign” at AZ Central.

  • Read “New York judge rules Trump must turn over tax returns for hush money investigation” at ABC News.

  • Read NPR’s report: “Trump Administration Says It 'Cannot Participate' In Impeachment Inquiry: The Trump White House said in a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and three House committee chairman that it would not comply with their requests for witnesses and documents in their impeachment inquiry.”

    • Watch MSNBC’s report: “The White House says it will no longer cooperate with the House impeachment inquiry.”

  • Read “Law and Crime’s” report: “Scottish Government Says Trump Org Refuses to Pay Legal Bills After Losing Wind Farm Lawsuit.”

  • Read Religion News Service’s report: “Christian leaders call for Day of Prayer in support of impeachment inquiry.”

  • With the White House refusing to cooperate, Read NPR’s piece: “Who Sets The Rules? When Is It Real? And Other Big Questions On Impeachment.”

Read as “Pence Makes Clear There Is No Daylight Between Him and Trump” at MSN.

  • Read New York magazine’s piece: “Pence: I Participated in the Ukraine Plot But Only As a Patsy.”

  • Watch as Colbert plays: “Mike Pence: He’s Either ‘Corrupt or Dumb’.

Read NPR’s report: “Trump Bars Immigrants Who Cannot Pay For Health Care.”

  • Read/Listen to “From Snakes To Spikes, Reporters Reveal Trump's Extreme Border Proposals: When efforts to build a border wall stalled, President Trump suggested other options — including building a trench filled with snakes and alligators, according to a forthcoming book.” at NPR.

  • Read NPR’s report: “Twitter Analysis Shows How Trump Tweets Differently About Nonwhite Lawmakers.”

Read Christianity Today’s report: “Syrian Christians to US: ‘Don’t Abandon Us Now’ After surviving a civil war and ISIS attacks, the Christian minority fears a Turkish takeover in Kurdish border region.”

Read/Listen to: “Whistleblower Explains How Cambridge Analytica Helped Fuel U.S. 'Insurgency'“ at NPR.

Read “Judge rips into Trump Education chief Betsy DeVos over student debt: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, was supposed to stop collecting on former Corinthian Colleges students’ loans and forgive the debt.“ at LA Times.

Read Phoenix New Times’ report: “County Assessor Paul Petersen Indicted for 'Horrible Crimes' Involving Adoptions.”

  • Read a follow-up piece: “8 Pregnant Women Found in Home of County Assessor Accused of Adoption Scheme.”

Read “'God Is Not Going to Put It in Your Lap.' What Made Fannie Lou Hamer’s Message on Civil Rights So Radical—And So Enduring” at Time.

Read Chicago Tribune’s report: “A puzzling number of men tied to the Ferguson protests have since died.”

Read “The Ritual of American Racism” at Paris Review.

Read “I've never told anyone': Stories of life in Indian boarding schools” at MNPR.

Read “Joshua Brown, key witness in Amber Guyger murder trial and neighbor of Botham Jean, shot to death in Dallas” at CNN.

  • Read The Root’s report: “Police Allege Joshua Brown, Witness in Amber Guyger Trial, Was Victim of Botched Interstate Drug Deal.”

Read NPR’s report: “South Carolina Sheriff Candidate: I Wore Blackface 10 Years Ago.”

Read Shane Claiborne’s opinion piece at RNS: “Let’s not ask Botham Jean’s family to choose forgiveness over justice.”

Read The Root’s report: “Baltimore’s Top Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby Moves to Throw Out Nearly 800 Cases Involving Tainted Cops.”

Read “The Banality of Evil: Hannah Arendt on the Normalization of Human Wickedness and Our Only Effective Antidote to It” at Brain Pickings.

Read Christianity Today’s report: “Judge: U of Iowa Officials Have to Pay for Repeated Discrimination Against Christian Groups The recent ruling in favor of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship was the second time the court called out inconsistent policies on campus.”

Read/Listen to “Grab The Train At Grace Jones, Get Off At Yoko Ono: Exploring NYC's New 'City Of Women' Map” at WBUR.

Read: “Street art is a crime Why is the metropolitan elite celebrating this vandalism?” at Spiked.

Read “The 5 richest men in the US have a staggering combined wealth of $435.4 billion. That's more than 2% of America's GDP” at Business Insider.

Read “The Soul of an Octopus: How One of Earth’s Most Alien Creatures Illuminates the Wonders of Consciousness” at Brain Pickings.

Read: “Nostalgia for a Less Innocent Time: On the glory and depravity of hair metal” at Paris Review.

Read Stereogum’s piece: “Goodbye, iTunes: Once-Revolutionary App Gone In Mac Update.”

Browse Pitchfork’s picks for “The 200 Best Songs of the 2010s.”

  • Browse Pitchfork’s picks for the “The 200 Best Albums of the 2010s.”

  • Browse “Remembering the Weirdest Album Launch Stunts of the 2010s” at Pitchfork.

Browse Paste’s picks for “The 100 Best Albums of the Decade.”

R.I.P. Ginger Baker.

Read Noisey’s piece: “Wilco Haven’t Just Endured, They’ve Gotten Better 'Ode To Joy’ cements their legacy as the greatest band of our time.”

  • Read Vulture’s piece “Wilco’s Ode to Joy Is a Thrilling New Beginning for the Band.”

  • ReadWilco, Forever In Competition With Its Own Best Work, Tries Shifting The Stakes” at NPR.

  • Listen to “Wilco in 10 Songs A sad yet quirky scrapbook into the wonderful world of Chicago's finest rockersWilco in 10 Songs A sad yet quirky scrapbook into the wonderful world of Chicago's finest rockers” at Consequence of Sound.

  • Read Pitchfork’s reivew of “Ode to Joy” written by friend Jason Patrick Woodbury.

  • Read NPR’s piece: “Wilco's Jeff Tweedy On Finding Joy In A Complicated World.”

Browse as “Guitarist Bill Frisell Picks His Favorite Blue Note Albums” for Jazziz.'

Read/Listen to “Listen to former R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe’s debut solo single, ‘Your Capricious Soul’ at NME.

  • HearR.E.M’s Gripping New Remix of Kurt Cobain Tribute ‘Let Me In’ Track will appear on Monster‘s upcoming 25th anniversary reissue at Rolling Stone.”

Read: “Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart Remembers Robert Hunter: ‘You Can’t Replace Him’” at Rolling Stone.

Read a profile of Finnish “band” Paavoharju: “"Paavoharju is not a real band," says Lauri Ainala. "Never was."

Read: “Mind Matters: Musicians on How Meditation Keeps Them Focused and Free” at No Depression.

Read Post-Punk’s report “Dead Can Dance Announce North and South American Tour Celebrating Life & Works.”

Read KTAR’s report: “Three Arizona stores to participate in Cassette Store Day.”

Watch: “Take an exclusive first-look at INXS performing ‘New Sensation’ in restored ‘Live Baby Live’ concert film and album.”

ReadNick Cave and the Bad Seeds – ‘Ghosteen’ review: a beautiful account of harrowing grief” at NME.

  • Read the Guardian’s review: “Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Ghosteen review – a heavenly haunting.”

  • Read NME’s review of “Nick Cave live at Tennessee Performing Arts Centre, Nashville: extraordinary honesty and coruscating one-liners.”

  • Read AV Club’s review: “On Ghosteen, Nick Cave invites us into his bright abyss.”

  • Read Pitchfork’s review.

  • Read Consequence of Sound’s review.

Read Live For Live Music’s report: “Trey Anastasio Documentary, ‘Between Me & My Mind’, Headed To Streaming Platforms.”

ReadRihanna Calls President Trump ‘Mentally Ill,’ Talks New Album and Why She Wouldn’t Play the Super Bowl” at Variety: Rihanna explains why she'll never play the Super Bowl: “For what? Who gains from that? Not my people. I just couldn’t be a sellout. I couldn’t be an enabler. There’s things within that organization that I do not agree with at all"

HearTears for Fears Perform Selections from Songs From The Big Chair in 1985” at Paste.

Read “Kurt Cobain’s ‘Unplugged’ Sweater Heads to Auction Again, Never Been Washed” at Rolling Stone.

Read as Quietus interviews Suede front man Brett Anderson.

Read “So Many Roads with Mike Vallely (by Mike Vallely) at Relix: A pro skateboarder straddles the line between Black Flag and the Good Ol’ Grateful Dead.”

Read Rolling Stone’s profile of Ramblin’ Jack Elliott: “The Last Folksinger Ramblin’ Jack Elliott befriended Woody Guthrie, hung out with the Dead, and hit the road with Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue. At 88, this self-made cowboy is still on the move.”

Read “Ezra Koenig & Justin Vernon Talk Playing Beer Pong Together, Touring Hardships On Time Crisis” at Stereogum.

Read/listen to “The Story Of José Feliciano's World Series Guitar” at NPR.

Read “University of Kansas apologizes after Snoop Dogg brings pole dancers, money gun "We made it clear to the entertainers' managers that we expected a clean version of the show" at Consequence of Sound.

Read/listen to NPR’s piece: “In U2's 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For,' A Restless Search For Meaning.”

Read Consequence of Sound’s piece “Josh Homme announces Desert Sessions Vol. 11 & 12 Featuring Les Claypool, ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons, Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears, and more.”

Read “How Funk Band Vulfpeck Sold Out Madison Square Garden Without a Manager or Big Label” at Billboard.

Read “Philip Glass: ‘Everyone needs a technique, whether they’re a plumber or a cook’” at Irish Times.

Read Reverb Is For Lover’s review of One Eleven Heavy’s Desire Path.

Read about the time “Kim Gordon was sent to ‘Disney jail’ for smoking weed at Disneyland” at Dazed.

Read Rolling Stone’s report: “Sinead O’Connor Plots First North American Tour in Six Years Irish singer details February West Coast run, Midwest, East Coast dates in March, April.”

Read as NPR wonders “All Ears: Music That Maps A Personal History Of Place: Place is never singular. Always layered, the meaning of a place can change based on tiny shifts in perspective. Can music bring these layers together?”

Read Something Else Reviews’ review of the recently released John Coltrane album “Blue World.”

Read “How a Newspaper Article Saved Thousands of Black Gospel Records From Obscurity” at Atlas Obscura.

Read “A History Of The U.K.’s Earthshakingly Bass-Heavy Sound System Culture In 10 Tracks".

Read TalkHouse’s: “On Joker, Fight Club and the Danger of Self-Fulfilling Cautionary Tales Filmmaker Adam Kritzer examines the seductive and deeply problematic vision of Todd Phillips' new movie, and Fincher's classic which preceded it.”

Consider Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse-Five At 50” with Iowa Public Radio.

  • Listen to “Hear a Radio Opera Narrated by Kurt Vonnegut, Based on His Adaptation of Igor Stravinsky’s 1918 L’Histoire du Soldat” at Open Culture.

Read “In 'Horror Stories,' Liz Phair Writes Of 'The Haunting Melodies' In Her Head” at NPR Books.

Meet the “Badass Female Librarians” who “Delivered Books On Horseback in 1930’s at Bookish Buzz.

Read Variety’s report: “Live-Action ‘Inspector Gadget’ Movie in Development at Disney.”

Read The Verge’s report: “Disney is reportedly banning Netflix ads across its entertainment TV networks.”

Read Wired’s report: “Dyson Sucks the Air Out of Its Electric-Car Dreams The British household-products maker had promised to invest $2.5 billion in EVs. Now, it says it can't produce one that's “commercially viable.”

See “Ghost sculptures in the Castle of Vezio in Lake Como, Italy.”

Read 12 News’s report: “This bar sells drinks by the hour, not the glass For an average price of $10 per hour, customers can drink as much as they can handle, the bar said.”

See “The Fascinating Science of How Trees Communicate, Animated” at Brain Pickings.

Read “New north Phoenix bookstore Enchanted Chapters caters to children with autism” at AZ Central.

Read “Glenlivet's seaweed pouch Scotch pods are a triumphant testament to the power of stupid” at AV Club.

Read “The Secret to Shopping in Used Bookstores First Step: Surrender All Expectations” at Lit Hub.

Read AV Club’s review: “Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal is a harsh reminder that the food chain can’t be beat.”

Read Art News’s report “Actress Jessica Lange Is Paying Homage to Bob Dylan With a Stunning Set of Photographs Taken Along Highway 61. See Her Photos Here.”

Read Rolling Stone’s report: “On the Scene at America’s First Public Cannabis Cafe After years of anticipation, Lowell Café has opened in West Hollywood. For the staff and the patrons, it’s a whole new kind of experience.”

Read as National Geographic wonders “To save birds, should we kill off cats?”

Read PBS’ piece: “Record number of colleges stop requiring the SAT and ACT amid questions of fairness.”

Browse “5 Eateries With Dope House-Made Hot Sauce in Metro Phoenix” at Phoenix New Times.

Read/listen to “The Lasting Legacy Of Bob Ross And His Colorful World Of 'Happy Accidents” at NPR.

Read “A Brief History of the ‘Danse Macabre’" at Atlas Obscura.

Read Atlas Obscura’s piece reminding us poor Americans that we’ve never tried real Wasabi.

Read “Scientists hope to digitally unravel scrolls charred by Vesuvius with light 10 billion times brighter than the sun” at CNN.

Read/Listen to “Arthritis Foundation Releases Guidelines For Patients Who Want To Use CBD To Manage Pain” at NPR’s Here and Now.

Read CNBC’s report: “Researchers find e-cigarettes cause lung cancer in mice in first study tying vaping to cancer.”

Read The Telegraph’s report: “Folklore is dying out due to rise of social media, National Trust warns.”

Watch CBS’s piece: “California teen holds birthday parties for homeless children.”

Read Phoenix New Times’ piece: “9 Haunted Restaurants and Bars in Greater Phoenix.”

Read Atlas Obscura’s piece: “The Macabre Art of Baking ‘People Pot Pies’ Crafting skin and flesh from the sweet and tasty.”

Read AZ Central’s piece: “This Phoenix brewery is one of the fastest growing companies in the US. Meet the founder.”

Read/Listen to: “'Not One Drop Of Blood': Cattle Mysteriously Mutilated In Oregon” at NPR.”

Read Mysterious Universe’s report: “Strange Image Captured In North Carolina Woods Is Believed To Be Bigfoot.”

Read KTAR’s report: “Arizona ranked worst state in the country for teachers.”

Read Phoenix New Times’ report: “Arizona Lost 10 Percent of Its Licensed Foster Homes Last Year, Report Finds.”

The Weekly Town Crier (10/04/19)


All the week’s news that’s fit to cry about 10/04/19 Edition.

Browse all the Weekly Town Crier posts so far.

Listen to all 52 episodes of The Global Elite Music Radio Podcast Supershow.

Listen to a mix of artists who have performed Habañero Collective house shows.

Browse the Musical Worldview posts.

Read/Watch CBS DFW’s report: “Dallas Jury Finds Former DPD Officer Amber Guyger Guilty Of Murdering Botham Jean.”

  • Read NPR’s report: “Brandt Jean's Act Of Grace Toward His Brother's Killer Sparks A Debate Over Forgiving.”

  • Read “The Perverse Spectacle of Black Forgiveness” at Jezebel.

  • Read “What the Amber Guyger Case Reveals About White America” by Andre Henry at Medium.

  • Read “Botham Jean’s Brother’s Offer of Forgiveness Went Viral. His Mother’s Calls for Justice Should Too” at Christianity Today.

Browse Colossal’s piece: “Gross Domestic Product: Banksy Opens a Dystopian Homewares Store.”

See “The Paintings of Miles Davis” at Open Culture.

Seeking to answer the age of question of whether you can “jump the shark” underwater, AZ Central reports: “Playing for the sharks: Kiss announces exclusive – but affordable – underwater concert.”

Read BBC’s report: “Single malt Scotch whisky targeted by United States tariffs.”

Read “Tommy Stinson on the Replacements' New Box Set and Outdrinking Metallica” at Rolling Stone.

Read about the new Senate report that found: “The NRA acted as a "foreign asset" for Russia in the period leading up to the 2016 election — providing more political access than previously known,” at NPR.

  • Read New York Times’ report: “N.R.A.’s LaPierre Asks Trump to ‘Stop the Games‘ Over Gun Legislation in Discussion About Its Support.”

HearSnoop Dogg Cover Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds’ “Red Right Hand” at Post-Punk.

Read “They’re Using Us as Props for the Show” Former employees at Relevant, a hip evangelical culture magazine, have sparked a sprawling conversation about race and Christian office politics.” at Slate.

Read “Sure, we'd listen to a podcast about America through the legacy of Dolly Parton” at AV Club.

ReadCreed’s Human Clay Turns 20” which begins with the classic line: “Among other things, Creed’s second album holds the distinction as the only piece of recorded music I’ve been punched in the face over.”

ReadKim Gordon on her first solo album, anxiety, and finding inspiration in Cardi B” at Entertainment Weekly.

Read about Robert Smith’s time with Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Read Christianity Today’s report: “Two Nigerian Evangelicals Executed in Boko Haram Video.”

Read “Chicago’s Hidden Indie Rock Archive Over three decades, Aadam Jacobs obsessively documented Chicago’s indie rock scene. Today, the future of his roughly 10,000 live recordings is unclear” at WBEZ.

Read as Christianity Today considers a recent Pew study: “Evangelicals Trust Faith Leaders, Police More Than the General Public Pew Research found the only leaders that evangelicals are more skeptical of are journalists.”

Read about a laundry detergent that claims to smell like “Whiskey” and “Bonfire.”

Read Atlas Obscura’s piece: “Centralia Ghost Town Church A mine fire has been burning under the deserted town since 1962, but this church is still going strong.”

ReadBlack Crowes Drummer Steve Gorman’s New Book: 7 Wildest Tales About the Band ‘Hard to Handle: The Life and Death of the Black Crowes’ paints a picture of a group in constant turmoil” at Rolling Stone.

Read Pitchfork’s review of the new Hiss Golden Messenger album “Terms of Surrender.”

ReadJ Mascis on the Nineties, Nirvana, and Dinosaur Jr.’s Forgotten Masterpiece” at Rolling Stone.

I’m not a “Wine Geek,” but I like Sake, so browse “A Wine Geek's Guide to Sake, for Beginners” at Paste.

Read IGN’s report: “Spider-Man Is Officially Back in the MCU Following Sony, Disney Announcement.”

Read this 2017 report and wonder why people weren’t as upset by this as by people confessing to plants: “'Make America Great Again' Sung to Trump by Church Choir, Copyrighted for Church Services.”

Read as Rolling Stone wonders: “Why Everyone Is Freaking Out About ‘Joker’ Is the Joker backlash mere moral panic, or does the movie actually sympathize with incel culture?”

Read New York Times’ report that the White House ambassador to Ukraine has resigned.

Read about the “Man (who) drank 7 beers before turning himself in, but there was no warrant for his arrest.”

Read Out’s report: “Arizona Governor Says Christians Shouldn't Have to Serve Gays.”

Browse a “Latino and Hispanic Theologian Book List” at Starke College and Seminary.

Read AV Club’s report: “Trump tweeted out a Nickelback meme and Nickelback got Twitter to take it down so thanks, Nickelback.”

Read Washington Post’s report: “POTUS told Russian officials in an Oval Office meeting that he was unconcerned about Moscow’s interference in the election because the US did the same in other countries, an assertion that prompted alarmed officials to limit access to the remarks.”

  • Read Slate’s piece: “Trump Implies Whistleblowers Should Be Executed, Which May Conflict With Rules Protecting Whistleblowers.”

  • Read AZ Central’s report: “Jeff Flake: 'At least 35' GOP senators would vote to remove Trump if vote was private.”

  • Read New York Times’ opinion piece: “The Whistle-Blower Knows How to Write His complaint offers lessons on how to make a point.”

  • Read USA Today’s piece: “Poll: Only 4 in 10 Republicans think Trump mentioned Biden on Ukraine call even though he acknowledged doing so.”

  • Read Religion News Service’s report: “Franklin Graham on impeachment: ‘Our country could begin to unravel’.

  • Read Slate’s report: “Robert Jeffress Goes All In on “Civil War” The evangelical pastor and Trump loyalist has had quite a week.”

While we’re on the topic of impeachable offenses, read News and Guts’ report: “Stunning NYT Report Alleges Donald Trump Wanted To Find Ways To Injure Migrants.”

  • See Jack Jenkins’ Tweet: “:: stares at phone for several minutes :: . . . “The President once considered shooting migrants in the legs to slow them down at the southern border, the New York Times reports.”

  • Read the New York Times’ report which includes details such as “electrified, flesh-piercing wire on the wall, alligators & snakes in a pit.”

    • Read Aaron Niequist’s Tweet: “The loudest voices defending a serial liar caught in his web of lies are Christians. Just let that sink in. Those who claim the name of the Way, Truth, and Life are actively defending the embodiment of corruption, lies, and greed. Jesus weeps” and weep with Jesus.

Read The Verge’s report: “Elizabeth Warren says Facebook has ‘repeatedly fumbled’ its responsibility to democracy.”

  • Listen as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg explains “Why Mark Zuckerberg thinks a President Elizabeth Warren would 'suck' at CNN.

Read Vice’s piece: “'Freaks and Geeks' Understood That Popular Kids Aren't Cool At All: Twenty years ago, 'Freaks and Geeks' steered clear of the jock-cheerleader cliches to tease out high school's most relatable anxieties.”

Read Consequence of Sound’s report: “Mexico listens to more music than any country worldwide: “Mexicans listen to 25.6 hours of music a week, eight hours more than the global average.”

Read KXAN’s report: “‘True love will find you in the end’ billboard appears along I-35 honoring late Daniel Johnston.”

Read Washington Post’s opinion piece: “The ‘Billy Graham Rule’ serves only to impede careers, not affairs.”

Read Christianity Today’s piece: “Is Racial Justice Becoming a Priority for Evangelical Voters? LifeWay Research measures political support for the issue for the first time,” which finds that “85 percent of US evangelicals say they “will only support a candidate who demonstrates personal integrity,” which causes great confusion because it may just mean that “85 percent of US evangelicals lie when taking surveys.”

Consider “The case against sermon-centric Sundays” by Skye Jethani at Premier Christianity.

Read as Eric Metaxas describes what Republicans are currently doing while ascribing it to Democrats: “Cultural elites in America have slowly persuaded themselves...that they are right on a number of issues. & if it means going around the electoral process, if it means going around the usual procedure that they’re going to do what they must” at Religion News Service.

Read: “Why the liberal West is a Christian creation Christianity is dismissed as a fairy tale but its assumptions underpin the modern secular world.” at New Statesman.’

Read Consequence of Sound’s report: “Metallica postpone tour as James Hetfield enters rehab "Our brother James has been struggling with addiction on and off for many years"

Read Time’s report: “CDC Says for First Time That THC Could Be Behind Vaping Deaths and Illnesses.”

Read as Paste wonders: “Is Bob’s Burgers a Low-Key Adaptation of Stanley Tucci’s Movie Big Night?”

Watch “John Turturro licks a fresh bowling ball in the all-Italian trailer for his movie about The Jesus” at AV Club.

SeeMiles Davis' Illustrations Drive A Classic Recording In New Video For 'Moon Dreams'“ at NPR.

Read “Finding a faith that is stronger than death — or my family’s rejection: My problem wasn’t with religion. It was with bad religion” by Heidi Hall at Religion News Service.

Read Christianity Today’s report: “Evangelical Advocates Feel the Sting of More Trump Refugee Cuts It’s the third consecutive year that the administration has reduced resettlement totals to record lows. Under the Trump administration, the US refugee resettlement program has fallen to a quarter of previous size, and fewer persecuted Christians and other religious minorities are making it to safety in the US.”

The marketing says: “Never lose your drink in the dark again with this light up insulated drink wrap.” We say it’s a glow-in-the-dark Koozie.

See “The Strange and Stranger Things at the 2019 International UFO Congress” at Phoenix New Times.

Read as Psychology Today wonders: “Do You See Your Partner’s Sacrifices? We may only accurately detect a partner’s sacrifice about half the time.”

Read “Consistent Doodles: 40,000-Year-Old Symbols Found in Caves Worldwide May Be the Earliest Written Language” at Open Culture.

Read Wall Street Journal’s essay: “Religion for Adults Means Embracing Complexity If you think you’ve outgrown your childhood faith, you might just need to discover the real depth of its teachings.”

Read Tim Keller’s Op-Ed piece at The New York Times from 2018: “How Do Christians Fit Into the Two-Party System? They Don’t The historical Christian positions on social issues don’t match up with contemporary political alignments.”

Read Justin McRoberts and Scott Erickson’s 5-day Bible reading plan to accompany their new book May It Be So (which I profiled here).

Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s TED Talk: “How craving attention makes you less creative.”

Read The Atlantic’s piece: “What a New Theory of Attention Says About Consciousness Filtering out distractions might be more important for the brain than highlighting important information.”

Read Vulture’s report: “Netflix Orders Stranger Things 4, Teasing a World Beyond Hawkins.”

ReadCormac McCarthy on how to write a scientific (or any kind of) paper” at Boing Boing.

Read Brooklyn Vegan’s report: “Victory Records acquired by Concord.”

ReadAldous Huxley on the Transcendent Power of Music and Why It Sings to Our Souls” at Brain Pickings.

Read “The Black Woman Who Biked Across the US Alone During the 1930s Jim Crow Era Despite pervasive racism and the weight of the Great Depression, Bessie Stringfield found freedom on the open road” at Vice.

Read Pew Research Center’s findings: “Independents often are portrayed as political free agents with the potential to alleviate the nation’s rigid partisan divisions. But the reality is that most independents are not all that “independent” politically.”

Read Consequence of Sound’s report: “Kanye West says he’s done making secular music, new album features no cursing The born-again Christian will only be releasing gospel music going forward.”

Read “The myth of the golden age of reading Even before the digital age, book-lovers were always prone to distraction” at Prospect Magazine.

Read Exclaim’s report: “Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's Former Seattle Home Is Up for Sale.”

Read The Spectator’s piece: “In praise of cultural elitism We have become so tolerant of each other’s taste that taste no longer matters.”

Read as Neuroscience News wonders: “Why do older people hate new music?”

Read about and participate in University of California’s research finding: “When it comes to politics, you’re not as rational as you think.”

Read Mic’s opinion piece: “Greta Thunberg's U.N. speech prompted ugly insults — proving her critics can't fault her actual message.”

I'm glad to see them getting the press, but it's weird to me that Pitchfork considers 75 Dollar Bill to be an "overlooked" album this year. Where have they been looking? Browse Pitchfork’s list of “overlooked” 2019 albums and, while you’re at it, peep my first post so far about 75 Dollar Bill to sample some of the music.

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Read Phoenix New Times’s profile of The Rhythm Room. One of the best and long-standing Phoenix venues for live music. Remember seeing Mumford and Sons there? No, because it was sold out and packed and I was there and you weren’t!

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Read “A Wreng Among The Pornographers” by Charles Bissell of The Wrens. “As you probably know, my friend & favorite musician person, Will of Okkervil River, has been doing a subscription series of live albums spanning the Okkervil career so far (also available individually) and that he’s just released Vol. 6, A Wren Among the Pornographers. You may not know that that wren is me - I was the Okkervil guitar-for-hire spring/summer of ’08, and chiefly for that tour, opening up for the the New Pornographers.

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