A Prayer For My Hospice Coworkers


Each morning I open the day at the office with a meditation. Here is a prayer I wrote for my coworkers.

Gracious God,

Creator and Sustainer;

Eternal Three In One;

In humble confidence we ask that you would hear our prayers;

Meet us where we are but don’t leave us there.

We ask that you would make us more like Jesus; drawing us closer to Him,

But we do so hesitantly, knowing we often grow most in times of struggle.

We do not ask for struggle but for the grace to meet it with your grace when it comes.

You spoke and out of nothing came everything;

there is no problem we will face that is too big for you;

and yet you have named every star;

know the grains of sand on the seashore;

the number of hairs upon our heads;

no detail of our life is too small for your care;

As we seek to serve others, we ask that you would fuel us with gratitude;

we ask for the joy of your salvation

that we may walk among the hurting, sowing your healing. 

May we breathe in Your Love and exhale your goodness. 

As it was in the beginning,

is today,

and shall be forever.


A Litany For Weeping


A Litany For Weeping by Kaitlin Curtice. Sojo.net. 11.08.18

We think that there are no more tears left,
that we can’t,
as a people,
possibly mourn this deeply, this often.

So we breathe and remember:
Jesus wept.

We are numb,
staggering with disbelief,
scared and wondering if shalom
still exists.

So we breathe and remember:
Jesus wept.

We try to make sense of hate,
try to trace the line
of white supremacy.

We see that though we’ve come so far,
it’s not so far that we’ve come.

So we breathe and remember:
Jesus wept.

We name those who have died
from unjust institutions
and the carrying on of hate.

We raise our fists and
beat our chests.

So we breathe and remember:
Jesus wept.

We hope to be brave,
but we are tired.
We hope for freedom,
but there are so many in shackles.

So we breathe and remember:
Jesus wept.

We fight with weapons of
peace and humility.
We fight with the power
of listening.

We breathe and remember:
Jesus wept.

And when tomorrow comes,
and the day is new,
we cannot deny reality.

We live our own belovedness,
and the belovedness of others.

So today, in all our places, we breathe and remember:
Jesus wept.
And so we breathe and weep with him.