Musical Worldview (Instrumental Edition): Circles Around The Sun, "Hallucinate A Solution"


Wisdom from lyrics. Instrumental edition.

Neal Casal was interviewed by Relix about the Circles Around The Sun project and the title of this song came up.

The title for one of the pieces is “Hallucinate A Solution,” and that was something that I heard Phil say one night. We were playing at Terrapin [Crossroads, with Phil Lesh & Friends], and one of the band members asked him how we were going to make a certain transition in the set we were about to play because Phil had an elaborate transition he wanted to make between songs. He said, “I’m not really sure. Why don’t we just hallucinate a solution as we’re playing?”

It’s the quote about the song that led me to include it in the Musical Worldview Project, though I do love the song.

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