The Burnlackers: "Laughter" EP


I don’t know if you remember it, but there used to be a coffeehouse in Scottsdale, AZ called The Congo and they used to host fantastic all-ages shows. Friends and I would go there and drink coffee and play chess and listen to live music. We fancied ourselves poets, but that’s another story for another day.

I’m sure there was one, but we never checked the schedule of who was playing, it was just something that you could count on, that there would most likely be great live music.

And it was always a special treat when a band called the Burnlackers would play. Sort of alt. country even before I knew there was such a thing, sort of moody alternative rock, it felt like music conceived in the sunbaked desert, which I most definitely dig.

At one of the shows, I bought a cassette of their 1994 EP called “Laughter.” I lived in the on-campus apartments at Grand Canyon University and we had a huge boombox in the front room. In the Fall, we would open the sliding glass door and put on this tape at full volume. So much so that I went through several copies. Having the sliding glass door open also made it easier for our friend living outside in his station wagon to come in and use the shower or the stove, but that’s also probably another story.

The band has recently started playing around town again and I couldn’t be more pleased. They are working on recording new material and graciously gave permission to post the EP here at Holiday At The Sea.

It’s well worth your time. Listen here.


  1. Taken

  2. Nowhere

  3. Reachin’ For

  4. To The Grave

  5. Whisper

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