Sarathy Korwar Says There Are More Arriving


Born in the US but raised in India, Sarathy Korwar has made a career out of blending the horizons. On 2016’s Day to Day, Korwar released what NPR called a “a knockout album.” “With his own field recordings of the Sidi Troupe of Ratanpur, which consists of five drummers who also vocalize, Korwar sought to illuminate patterns of human migration and drift, and the small-scale but profound ways in which cultures can meld.”

Where Day to Day was often meditative, More Arriving is urgent. Visceral even. And timely. More Arriving is still steeped in Jazz but this time speaks in the voice of Hip Hop. Korwar says in the album’s “mini documentary”:

“This album serves as a snapshot of a plethora of Brown voices in 2019. All unique, proud, vulnerable, and defiant. The diverse languages that people are rapping in brings with it some really interesting variation of cadence, meter, and flow that makes the music and its combination with jazz and electronic music really, really exciting.

Watch Korwar’s “mini documentary” for the new album More Arriving.

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Watch the official video for “Mumbay” (feat. MC Mawali)

Watch Sarathy Korwar Play A Nighttime Meditation On Tablas And Computer for NPR in 2017 on a balcony.

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