Naan Violence


Sitar and electronics your thing? Want some flute too? Cosmic jams for the Global Elite. Not to be confused with Vindaloo Against Violence, Naan Violence plays sitar-based cosmic jams that are right up my alley.

Arjun Kulharya of Atlanta, GA heads Naan Violence, which Aquarium Drunkard describes as:

“Cosmically and spiritually in line with forebears such as Sun Ra and Ravi / Ananda Shankar, Kulharya’s work also finds itself of a piece with fellow chromatic travelers and contemporaries such as Bitchin Bajas.”

Kulharya told Memphis Magazine: “With this band, I wasn't interested in playing traditional music," Kulharya says. "I really dig Sun Ra and I think that probably has something to do with our sound."

Yes, please. The fine folks over at Southern Shelter have made two live tracks available, which are certainly worth sharing. These were recorded and made available by Southern Shelter, so if you can donate, please send a little support their way.

Naan Violence @ Caledonia Lounge 2013-11-21.

“Brown Summer”

“Eight Trips From The Moon”

  • Purchase Naan Violence music from Zap Cassettes.

  • Listen to the track “Breakfast with the Sirens of Infinity" on Episode 14 of the Global Elite Music Radio Podcast Supershow.