Bob Marley Live in Boston 1973


This is another live recording I’ve held on to for a long time. Just about everyone I know who collects live recordings has it. It’s not a secret recording. It’s not rare. But there are some distortions at as the volume increases and I can see why they did not want it released commercially (at least the recording I have).

But, man, this band is on fire. Don’t let anyone tell you that Reggae is just hippy-dippy beach-bro Sublime with some other singer type-vibes. This band means business and this is one of my favorite recordings. I love the hiss. I love the crackle. I love the distortion. This is protest music, so let’s feel it.


  1. Lively Up Yourself

  2. 400 Years

  3. Stir It Up

  4. Slave Driver

  5. Stop That Train

  6. Kinky Reggae

  7. Concrete Jungle

  8. Get Up, Stand Up

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