Remembering Ginger Baker


Legendary drummer Ginger Baker died recently in hospital at age 80.

There are legions far more skilled than I opining his life, death, and what his cantankerous persona meant or didn’t mean and we will leave all of that up to them. Just the way I think Ginger would have wanted. In the mean time, let’s remember Ginger with a couple of (what I think are) overlooked gems.

My personal favorite Baker recording is the live album with Fela, but I don’t think that’s one’s really “overlooked,'“ so instead, let’s highlight his 1990 album “Middle Passage.” The album also features Bill Laswell, Bernie Worrell, and Jah Wobble who recently posted on Twitter:

Played on this Ginger Baker album, middle passage . It’s a very classy album prod by Bill Laswell . It’s got bernie worrell nicky skopelitis and others on it. I overdubbed . Bill thought it unwise that I meet Ginger. Could have been trouble.

The other selection may be a bit of a stretch since Baker doesn’t technically play on the whole album, but Public Image Limited’s 1986 album Album is another favorite.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, watch the trailer for the “Beware Mr. Baker” documentary.

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