Dire Wolves: July 27, 2019 Market Hotel (NYCTaper Presents)


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This time, they’ve captured Dire Wolves Exactly Perfect Sisters Band. Led by Jeffrey Alexander out of San Francisco. The band is best described as:


Free Jazz?

Folk Jazz?

Drone rock?

the higher dimensions of cosmic free-rock”?

Liquidy-musical space auras?

All of the above?


Whatever you call it, Dire Wolves find the intersection of so many musics that I love: folk, jazz, rock, drone, repeat-o-rock, psych, etc. Building guitar swirls with vocals transcending language, this is transcendent music from the gut.

The group’s new album Grow Towards the Light opens with the sinewy “I Control the Weather,” which lets you slide just so into the musical world of Dire Wolves Exactly Perfect Sisters Band. Pulsating grooves and swirling vocals with hints of Ethiopian jazz, the music is both mesmerizing and cathartic. Somehow both transcendent and immediate.

According to NYCTaper: “On this night Market Hotel, presented by this site, Dire Wolves came bearing a special guest, Sunwatchers saxophonist Jeff Tobias, and a new album to jam, courtesy of our friends at Beyond Beyond is Beyond.”

Here’s the first track, ““Archons at the Gates of BSHWCK”:

Here’s the first track (sort of) off of the band’s fantastic new release Grow Towards The Light, “I Control The Weather” // “I Control the Weather>Love Everybody (For Moses)>Vibrational North Star”:

Watch the “Water Bearing One” video by Sheila Bosco from “Grow Towards The Light” LP by Dire Wolves Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band:

Watch the official “Spacetime Rider” video:

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