Seryn at the Thomas Listening Room (06/25/11)



One of the dreams of Habañero Collective has always been to promote culture, community, music, art, and the overlap of all of the above. One of the ways we set about this has been by hosting house shows. Concerts. In or at your home. We highly recommend you try hosting one.

In 2011, we were lucky enough to host (the sadly missed) Seryn on one of their first Arizona stops. We hosted them at the Thomas Listening Room and our friend Kha Do was there to record, film, edit, and publish and all that good stuff. They were touring in support of their fantastic debut album This Is Where We Are.

Here is “Our Love” from the 2011 release This Is Where We Are.

Here is “So Within” from the same release.

Though Seryn is mostly gone, you can still support them at Bandcamp.