Northern Hustle Live at the Bear Den 2013

All artwork and image design by Drew Dunlap.

All artwork and image design by Drew Dunlap.



One of the dreams of Habañero Collective has always been to promote culture, community, music, art, and the overlap of all of the above. Part of that has meant trying to support local music whenever possible.

One of the local groups we were privileged enough to work alongside was Tempe’s (sadly missed) Northern Hustle.

On 09/21/13, we hosted a house show at the Bear Den in Tempe, AZ. The night’s lineup consisted of Dylan Pratt, Northern Hustle, and Christian Lee Hutson. Here’s two songs from Northern Hustle.

First we have “Northland” from the 2013 album Forgether.

All video and editing belongs to Kha Do.

And here’s “Weakmouth” from the same release.

Though Northern Hustle is no longer, we’re thankful that you can still purchase Forgether at Bandcamp.