Episode 40

Episode 40 was first published on March 11, 2019.



01 Fly.jpg

01) “Green” by Balaklava Blues.

From the 2019 album Fly.


The group’s website says: “Mark and Marichka Marczyk met and fell in love during the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine. Their experiences of war coupled with their unique knowledge of the polyphonic blues of the Ukrainian plains exploded into an ethno-bass live set in which the duo sing live to original EDM, trap, trance and electro-pop influenced tracks,” while their Facebook page describes them as: “EDM guerrilla-folk of the Ukrainian steppe; the never-ending blues of the Donbas.”

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02 Kaira.jpg

02) “Jarabi” by Toumani Diabaté.

From the 1988 album Kaira.

Bamako, Mali.

The Wikipedia’s tell us: “Toumani Diabaté is a Malian kora player. In addition to performing the traditional music of Mali, he has also been involved in cross-cultural collaborations with flamenco, blues, jazz, and other international styles.”

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03 Wonderful of Africa.jpg

03) “Wo Ko Made Angeline” by Migan Celestin.

From the 1979 album Wonderful of Africa.


Migan Celestin, also known as Mig Tino, was a guitarist from Benin. This track also features Danialou Sagbohan on drums and backing vocals. We coulddn’t find out much more than this. Do you know anything about Migan Celestin or this this release?

04 diao.. so chut... lam san lam sing maha man.jpg

04) “lam san lam sing maha man” by Thonghuat Faithet.

From the cassette diao.. so chut... lam san lam sing maha man.


As best we can tell, “Thonghuat Faithet” is the same person “Thonghuad Faited” which means we can trace down the commercial release of the album Diew Sor Isan: The North East Thai Violin of Thonghuad Faited, but we can’t find out much about this particular cassette other than it is awesome.

05 All My Relations.jpg

05) “Asatoma” by Cochemea.

From the 2019 album: All My Relations.

Brooklyn, New York.

According to the Daptone website:

Cochemea Gastelum is coming home to connect with his roots. After nearly 15 years of touring the world with Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings, the saxophonist offers a deeply personal album of jazz and indigenous-influenced rhythms. All My Relations¸ out February 22 on Daptone Records, is 10 tracks of mesmerizing and spiritually ascendant instrumentation.

07n This Is How You Smile.jpg

06) “Pais Nublado” by Helado Negro.

From the 2019 album: This Is How You Smile.

Brooklyn, New York.

Helado Negro’s Facebook page says:

“The son of Ecuadorean immigrants, Helado Negro was born in South Florida in 1980. His childhood was suffused with tropical heat, humidity, hurricanes, all refracted with the rich sounds and colors of the various Latin American cultures of southern Florida. Pounding bass beats from passing cars, boom boxes bouncing down the block, and late-night parties called “peñas” provided a foundation for Helado Negro’s interest in sound and lifelong quest to discover the unlimited variety of objects used to produce music.”

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