Episode 26

Episode 26 originally appeared to the world on December 3, 2018.

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01) ”Deran Deran” by Group Inerane.

From the 2010 album Guitars from Agadez Vol 3.

Agadez, Niger.

The fabulous label, who put this music to the world, Sublime Frequencies says: “Group Inerane's sophomore LP is the latest missive from the now-sound of Niger's Tuareg guitar scene.” They also describe the group’s music as being “inspired by the rebel musicians that started this music as a political weapon used to communicate from the Libyan Refugee camps in the 1980s and 1990s.”

02 Can_-_Tago_Mago.jpg

02) ”Oh Yeah” by Can.

From the 1971 album Tago Mago.

Cologne, Germany. 

Experimental group Can was founded in Cologne, Germany in 1968. Describing themselves as an "anarchist community"and largely ignored conventional methods, instead, constructing their music through improvisation and editing, using the studio itself as an instrument. Though the band did not enjoy much commercial success during their span, they are continually regarded as a highly influential group among rock, avant-garde and electronic musics. Though the group had a rotating lineup, drummer Jaki Liebezeit was a constant and “is credited with the band’s name, stylised in capital letters and standing for “Communism, Anarchism, Nihilism.”

  • Visit Can’s official website (Spoon Records).

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03) ”Esoterica Of Abyssynia” by Sun City Girls.

From the 1996 album Torch Of The Mystics.

Phoenix, AZ, USA. 

Sun City Girls were an experimental rock band formed in the thriving metropolis of suburbia known as Phoenix, AZ.

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04) ”Shake 'Em On Down” by R.L. Burnside.

From the 1994 album Too Bad Jim.

Oxford, MS, USA. 

The Fat Possum record label website says: “North Mississippi guitarist R.L. Burnside was one of the paragons of state-of-the-art Delta juke joint blues” and goes on to say that he “learned his music from his neighbor, Fred McDowell” and that “it wasn’t until the 1990’s that he began hitting full stride with tours and his music, thanks largely to the efforts of Fat Possum Records.”

Seriously. You should know.

  • Visit R.L. Burnside’s page at Fat Possum.

  • Purchase R.L. Burnside’s music at Amazon.

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05) ”Ihre-Anwesenheit” by Samson Kidane & Band.

From the 2012 album Gelassenheit.


Eritrean singer-songwriter Samson Kidane plays the krar (or kraar), a five- or six-stringed bowl-shaped lyre from Eritrea and Ethiopia, tuned to a pentatonic scale. Modern krars may be amplified, much in the same way as an electric guitar or violin.

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06) ”Acidic” by Zone Six.

From the 2015 album Love Monster.

Berlin, Germany. 

Zone Six are a Psychedelic-Space-Rock-Jam-Band from Berlin. The band’s website says: “Founded in 1997 by Dave Schmidt (aka Sula Bassana), Zone Six are one of the first impro-bands of their genre (space- & trancerock) in Europe.”

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