Episode 44

Episode 44 was originally posted on April 8, 2019.



01 New Born Day.jpg

01) “Coloured Dreams” by Ruphus.

From the 1973 album New Born Day.

Oslo, Norway.

Ruphus were a Progressive Rock band from Norway. They put out several albums.

02 Doko Mien.jpg

02) “Kuka” by Ibibio Sound Machine.

From the 2019 album Doko Mien.

London, U.K.

The group’s Facebook page says:

“Fronted by Nigerian singer Eno Williams, Ibibio Sound Machine is a clash of African and electronic elements inspired in equal measure by the golden era of West-African funk & disco and modern post-punk & electro.”

03 Minami Deutsch.jpg

03) “Übergleich, Part 1” by Minami Deutsch.

From the 2015 album Minami Deutsch.

Tokyo, Japan.

Japanese krautrock band.

04 I Know You Feel It.jpg

04) “Picnic (Moger)” by Kumasi.

From the 2015 album I Know You Feel It.

Johannesburg South Africa.

According to Pan African Music:

“Kumasi was a band from South Africa in the early 80’s. A pseudonym for the members of Stimela & The Cannibals, they recorded these songs anonymously to avoid legal trouble with the major label they had signed with. There’s a special something in these songs that was hardly rivaled in South African disco recordings – The uninhibited vocals, the unwavering rhythm section, even a touch of humor.”

The Bandcamp page says:

“Kumasi was a band from 1980's South Africa. Comprised of Ray Phiri (song-writing, guitar, vocals), Jabu Sibumbe (bass), Lloyd Lelosa (keys) and Isaac Mtshali (percussion) this was a lost project from the members of SA heavyweight bands "The Cannibals" and "Stimela". They penned Kumasi somewhere in-between the transition from "The Cannibals" to "Stimela" due to being contractually unable to record music with any label besides their major, Gallo. Kumasi remained an anonymous effort until now.”

05 Into the Wind.jpg
06 PUNK.jpg

06) “CHOOSE GO!” by Chai.

From the 2019 album Punk.

Nagoya Japan.

The band’s Facebook page says:

“Think of all things in the color "Pink", an excessive appetite for "Gyoza" aka dumplings, a genre-less sound, with lyrics centered on "Self-Empowerment" and re-defining the word, "Kawaii" or cute, and you'll only think of CHAI.”

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