Episode 11

Episode 11 was originally posted on August 20, 2018.



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01) "Eight Miles High" by the Folkswingers.

From the 1966 album Raga Rock.

The Folkswingers were a studio band with constantly changing personnel but sometimes featured Glen Campbell on 12-string guitar. This album also features Tommy Tedesco on guitar and Harihar Rao on sitar (leader of the Ravi Shankar Music Circle). The album is largely made up of campy sitar-based re-workings of popular tunes but there are a few standout moments, including this cover of the Byrds' "Eight Miles High."

Fun fact for ya: Glen Campbell was often a member of the Folkswingers, though not on this session. But never fear, the fabulous Tommy Tedesco plays guitar here.

  • Read more about the group at Allmusic.

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02) "Mango Pu" by Paroni Paakunainen.

From the 1999 compilation Electric Psychedelic Sitar Headswirlers Vol.6.

Allmusic describes the scope of this terrific set (though their review focuses on the compilation of volumes 1-5): "This is a massive collection (97 tracks spread over five CDs -- each volume was originally released in numbered limited editions by Purple Lantern Records) of swirling psychedelic folk and rock featuring the sitar from the late '60s and early '70s. It draws on bands and performers from the U.S., Britain, India, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Australia, and several other points on the planet, and it’s difficult to imagine getting more flower power drone for the dollar anywhere else.

This compilation is a lot of fun and worth seeking out. Not every track is killer, but most are certainly not filler. 

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03) "Jojpe" by AddisAbabaBand.

From the 2015 compilation self-titled album.

Denmarks' AddisAbabaBand is "a 13-piece band playing music inspired from afrobeat, funk and jazz."

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04) "Musighi (Music)" by Momma Mint Dendenni & Seddoum Ould Bowba Jiddou.

From the cassette Nojum Al-Tarab Al-Mauritani I‘the stars of Mauritanian music’). Unknown date.

The cassette features the female griot Momma mint Dendenni and the guitar player Seddoum ould Bowba Jiddou. They are both Nouakchott based griots from Mauritania, and the young generation of two of Eastern Mauritania’s biggest griot families. We have no purchase information for this cassette or artist links. But the tape is available for download from Awesome Tapes From Africa.

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06) "On The Road Again" by Canned Heat.

From the 1968 album Boogie With Canned Heat.

Canned Heat were an Los Angeles rock band specializing in reinterpretations of The Blues. The band took their name from the 1928 Tommy Johnson song "Canned Heat Blues," about an alcoholic who desperately turns to drinking Sterno for the alcohol (Sterno's original name was Sterno Canned Heat.)" Boogie With Canned Heat was the group's second album and first to contain primarily original material as the band continued to move in a looser, more jam-oriented direction, though "On the Road Again" was a cover version of the 1953 Floyd Jones song of the same name, which is reportedly based on the Tommy Johnson song "Big Road Blues", recorded in 1928."

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07) "Show Wong Khun Narin #3" by Khun Narin.

From the 2014 album Khun Narin's Electric Phin Band.

We first became aware of Khun Narin through a Facebook post by NTS Radio with the simple caption: "Mind-melting psychedelic Thai wedding music…" The group is a Thai psychedelic music ensemble based out of Phetchabun Province in Thailand and led by Khun Narin. After videos of the group's performances made their way around the interwebs, they released their first album Electric Phin Band in 2014.

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