May It Be So: Forty Days with the Lord's Prayer by Justin McRoberts and Scott Erickson


My friend Justin McRoberts and his friend Scott Erickson have provided one of my favorite spiritual resources: Prayer: Forty Days of Practice. Combining practical spiritual suggestions with short but not simple prayers with simple but not profound illustrations, Prayer: Forty Days of Practice was originally designed to accompany the Lenten season but is recommended for everyday use.

The pair are releasing a follow-up and it is every bit as meaningful, challenging and encouraging as the first. May It Be So: Forty Days with the Lord's Prayer releases 09/24/19. Here’s the pair telling you about the book:

WaterBrook & Multnomah says:

“Combining prayers in two languages--words and images--this contemporary prayer guide will help you spend time in conversation with God.

As people of faith, we all struggle at times to sustain a flourishing prayer life--a loss felt all the more keenly in these times of confusion, political turbulence, and global calamity. This unique book offers a timeless solution for the spiritual and skeptical alike.

Combining story-driven reflections with visual and written prayers, this simple 40-day prayer guide will help you reconnect with God as you rediscover your own ongoing conversation with Him. Using the familiar refrains in the Lord's Prayer as a guide, this groundbreaking resource invites you to reconnect with God creatively and organically.”

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