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Read my pieceĀ Fear Is Easy or download the 4Gs discussion guide at the Saturate the World website.

One thought on “Writing

  1. Hey Brent,
    Just thought I’d say hello, given that I blow up your Twitter mentions every so often. I think Doug Burr retweeted one of your blog posts a few years ago, I enjoyed your writing (still do), as well as what you have to say on Twitter… also, it seems we have the same taste in music. I live in San Francisco, moved here almost 8 years ago to help plant a church. It’s been quite a journey. I meant to go see you speak a couple years ago when you came to the Bay, unfortunately I couldn’t make it.

    Anyway, just thought I should formally say hello. I’d love to chat over a Pliny or two if you ever come back to the Bay.

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