Two Book Series That Should Be Films

3813e557e99d02aca03ae9f82f8206f85f5b35f1Despite our continued best hopes to the contrary, Hollywood continues to turn our favorite books into lowest-common denominator drivel. The Narnia movies weren’t that great. The Harry Potter movies ranged from fairly decent to pretty good. The Lord of the Rings movies may have been OK but they certainly didn’t hold my interest long enough to find out.

And yet, with all the common sense of a leaping lemming, I sometimes think Hollywood might one day get it right. There are two series in particular where I would love to see filmmakers get it right. Centering

First, N.D. Wilson’s 1oo Cupboards series. Centering around Henry P. York, a young man who finds his connection to otherworldly adventure through a series of cupboards, this tale of discovery, loss of comfort and search for identity has everything a good Fall blockbuster should.

Second, I would love to see The Wingfeather Saga. The Igiby family’s struggle will draw you in and keep you to the end.

What are some books you’d like to see made into movies?


One thought on “Two Book Series That Should Be Films

  1. I’m tempted to recommend The Kingkiller Chronicle books (“The Name of the Wind” and “A Wise Man’s Fear” along with a yet to be released finale) but I’m not sure they could be made into films without leaving out so much it would change the plot significantly.

    I would love to see The Passage series by Justin Cronin as a film. I’m a sucker for the post-apocalyptic and zombie genres and these books move both genres forward in good ways. Also The Magicians series by Lev Grossman. Great, tragic characters set in a really interesting world that’s like a grown up version of Harry Potter’s universe.

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