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Town CrierEver wonder Whatever Happened to Gus (Guru Re-Mix)?

No, well, here we are again. With that same old song and dance again. I say this, you hear that and ’round we go into oblivion.

Or, welcome to the Weekly Town Crier. It’s the online place where I collect links of interest and pass them along for your interest. Do enjoy.

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See Sony’s new lightbulb that’s also a Bluetooth speaker.

Celebrate the anniversary of Fine China‘s Jaws of Life with a vinyl reissue.

Read The Independent‘s review of PJ Harvey’s new poetry collection, The Hollow of the Hand.

Read as Elvis Costello talks books with the Boston Globe.

Hear John Lydon On World Cafe.

Browse as Mojo makes their picks for the  “Top 20 Albums Of 2015 (Q3)”

Browse the finalists for the 2015 National Book Awards.

Read Billboard‘s report that Grateful Dead founding member Phil Lesh has been diagnosed with bladder cancer.

See Larry David impersonate Bernie Sanders.

Browse as Pitchfork considers “A History of Sleep Music”.

See “Napcabs,” rentable napping spaces in the middle of the airport.

Read Rolling Stone‘s report: “David Lynch to Publish Quasi-Memoir ‘Life & Work’ in 2017.”

Read as The Quietus reviews the new documentary about a lesser-known guitar legend: “Voice Of The Eagle: The Enigma Of Robbie Basho.”

See Salvador Dali‘s illustrations for Alice in Wonderland.

Read as the noted theologians at Salon  consider whether or not Jesus went to Hell.

Read as Slate considers how a crappy patent melted the Eskimo Pie company.

Read about the “1,200-year-old Viking sword discovered by hiker.”

See the work of “Heavy-Metal Quilter Ben Venom.”

Read Mental Floss‘ report: “Dick Cheney Once Complained That Donald Rumsfeld Drank Too Much Coffee.”

Read/Watch at Stereogum as “Chilly Gonzales Uses Music Theory To Show Why The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face” Is So Appealing.”

Read the AV Club‘s piece “Digging up the origins of the “Indian burial ground” trope.”

Did you know that “You Can Hire a Personal Instagram Photographer to Travel with You”?

Read NBC‘s report: “The Big Lebowski 2 Announced: Filming Begins January 2016.”

Read Pitchfork‘s piece: “Quentin Tarantino, Johnny Cash and the White Fantasy of the Black Outlaw.”

Read as Digg asks: “Will We Recognize Alien Life When We See It?”

Browse as Stereogum makes their picks for the “50 Best New Bands of 2015”. What do you think of their picks?

Read/Listen as Fresh Air interviews singer/songwriter Iris Dement.

Watch “The Very First Episode Of Bob Ross’s ‘The Joy Of Painting'”.

Browse “A listener’s guide to the Drive-By Truckers, the definitive modern Southern band.”

Read Consequence of Sound‘s interview with Lemmy.

Browse the 2015 “gorilla vs. bear halloween mix”.

Read as Paste interviews Sarah Vowell about her new book, Lafayette in the Somewhat United States.

Read as members of Erasure consider their own discography with The Quietus.

Browse as SXSW releases its first round of players for the 2016 festival. Too soon?

Read Brooklyn Vegan‘s interview with Old 97’s frontman Rhett Miller.

Listen to Bret Easton Ellis interview Kim Gordon.

Browse as the AV Club collects cover versions of Bob Dylan’s classic “Like A Rolling Stone”.

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