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Town CrierI don’t know about you but sometimes a gentle walk among the flowers is just what you need. And sometimes it isn’t. I don’t know. Maybe you don’t like flowers. Maybe you do. Maybe you’re allergic. Maybe you’re not. You don’t have to get all cranky about it. Walk in the flowers if you want. Don’t if you don’t.


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Visit our family blog: “The Thomas Ten.”

See “Artwork showing Sylvanian Families terrorised by Isis banned from free speech exhibition.”

See “A Full Scale RGB Book Valued at $3 Million.”

Read the Evening Standard‘s report: “Banksy’s Dismaland ‘to move to Calais to provide shelter for refugees'”

Watch the new two-part trailer for new season of The X-Files.

Browse the Art of Manliness‘s tips for “The Art of Conversation.”

Browse Time‘s list of “13 Valuable Skills That You Won’t Learn in School.”

Read as the New York Times reviews Elvis Costello’s new memoir, Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink.

Browse 20 submissions for the “Laziest Things That Students Have Ever Done.”

Read Pitchfork‘s piece: “Brian Eno Delivers John Peel Lecture On “the ecology of culture”.

See “The Nameless Paint Set.”

See Colossal‘s profile: “Enchanting New Light Box Dioramas by Hari & Deepti Tell Stories of Exploration, Travel and Adventure.”

Read/watch as Ben Carson discusses Kanye West’s possible political future and read Pitchfork‘s report that Kanye is expected to perform at the Democratic National Convention.

Ever wonder “Which Companies Guarantee Their Gear (And Really Mean It)?” Outside magazine offers some suggestions. Have others?

Read/listen to NPR’s story about the Turkish town that communicates by whistling. They even play the telephone game. With a phone number.

Browse as Paste profiles the winners at the Great American Beer Festival.

Watch Don Cheadle as Miles Davis in first teaser for Miles Ahead.”

Read at NME as “Keith Richards criticises ‘hollow’ Led Zeppelin and says The Who are ‘all flash'”

Read The Verge‘s piece: “All the best apocalypses: a retrospective from the end of the universe.”

Read Digg‘s piece: “Uncovering The Secret History Of Myers-Briggs.”

Read the Guardian‘s piece considering the current glut of expanded, box-set reissues.

Browse “Relevant‘s” list of “Netflix Documentaries That Will Challenge the Way You See the World.”

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