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Welcome to the Weekly Town Crier, a (mostly) weekly post in which I reproduce for you links that, for one reason or another caught my interest this past week. Hopefully they will interest you as well.

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See Classic Green Army Figures Practicing Yoga Instead Of Holding Guns.

See a collection of a journalist’s four-year journey to chronicle India’s disappearing stepwells.

R.I.P. Wes Craven.

R.I.P. Oliver Sacks.

R.I.P. Dean Jones.

NOT R.I.P. Charlie Watts.

Read as Aquarium Drunkard interviews Yo La Tengo about their new covers album, Stuff Like That There.

Play an Iron Maiden video game in preparation of their new album.

See the “Tesla” watch.

Read Salon‘s pice on the “insipid” VMAs: “There is nothing so tame and boring as someone hungrily shoving their edginess in our faces…”

Read Time’s article: “Canadians Are Cutting $20 Bills in Half to Make Two $10s”.

Read Consequence of Sounds report that “David Bowie to write songs for SpongeBob Squarepants musical”.

Read about the shoes banned by the NBA.

Read as NPR’s Good Listener explores the relationship between music fans and their favorite bands’ side projects.

Speaking of side projects, read Paste‘s report that Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes just released an album with hers, Thunderbitch.

Read Outside’s report that President Obama will appear on “Bear Grylls” to highlight climate change.

See “Centuries-Old Woodblock Prints” updated as GIFs.

Read this piece arguing: “Buying organic veggies at the supermarket is a waste of money.” Thoughts?

Read as Paste wonders why Hulu thinks they can charge more for an inferior service. Thoughts? Do you use Hulu?

Read the profile of the “The homeless man who turned his life around by offering book reviews instead of begging.”

Read as the Atlantic asks: “Is Gentrification a Human-Rights Violation?”

Read as Paste laments the current state of country music: “The Ladies Used to Love Outlaws, Now The Ladies Are Outlaws”

Customize your space with huge Lego blocks for adults.

Read FACT‘s report that Panasonic is reviving the classic Technics turntable.

See Slate‘s map wondering: “If every state had an official word, what would it be?”

Watch “Watch ants weirdly circle an iPhone when it rings.”

Read Vox‘ piece: Giving housing to the homeless is three times cheaper than leaving them on the streets.”

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Explain the Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj Feud Using Emoji.”

Ever wonder what it might be like if Batman fronted a metal band?

Read what it might mean if the sound of chewing bothers you.

Read Pitchfork’s report that Neko Case is set to release a career-spanning box set.

Read as Cat Power discusses her role in the new Janis Joplin film.

Read as “Keith Richards calls Metallica and Black Sabbath rock music’s “great jokes”

One thought on “the Weekly Town Crier

  1. thoughts on Hulu….i wouldn’t say it was inferior…it’s different. And no, i won’t be “upgrading” to no commercials. It’s still better than getting cable and they are not as often as regular tv commercials. Hulu allows me to get current things the day or so after…w/Netflix i have to wait forever. So….i don’t really compare them, i use them to complement each other.

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