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London's Town Crier copyWell, I don’t know what to tell you. Another week has gone by. We’re all a few steps closer to the grave. Perhaps we should have a moment of silence to consider our mortality . . .

Now, what are you going to do with the rest of your days? Sit here and read interesting links on the internets? I sure hope so.

Welcome to the Weekly Town Crier, where I collect said interesting links, you read them and then we discuss. Though most of you do not not discuss, so I end up discussing with myself which isn’t quite as interesting, though we do come to a consensus much quicker.

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Browse Large Hearted Boy‘s list of “100 Online Sources for Free and Legal Music Downloads.”

It’s the most wonderful time of year: year-end list time!

  • Listen as All Songs Considered considers the year in music.
  • Browse American Songwriter’s picks for the “Top 50 Albums of 2015.”
  • Browse Consequence of Sound‘s picks for the “Top 50 Songs of 2015.”
  • Browse Consequence of Sound‘s picks for the “Top 50 Albums of the Year.”
  • Browse Design Week’s picks for their favorite album covers.
  • Browse FACT‘s picks for the best record labels of the year.
  • Browse Flavorwire‘s picks for “The 50 Best Independent Press Books of 2015.”
  • Browse as the KEXP DJ’s make their picks.
  • Browse NME‘s albums of the year.
  • Browse Noisey‘s picks for songs of the year.
  • Browse as Pandora reveals the top 100 “thumbed up” songs of 2015.
  • Browse Paste‘s picks for the “The 50 Best Songs of 2015.”
  • Browse Paste‘s picks for albums of the year.
  • Browse Piccadilly Records‘s choices.
  • Browse Rolling Stone‘s picks.
  • Browse Rough Trade‘s picks for their favorite albums of the year.
  • Browse Spin‘s picks for “The 50 Best Albums of 2015.”
  • Browse Spin‘s picks for the “101 Best Songs of 2015.”
  • Browse Stereogum‘s picks for their favorite new bands of 2015.
  • Browse Stereogum‘s picks for albums of the year.
  • Browse Uncut‘s favorite albums of 2015.

Browse Brain Pickings list of “The Greatest Books of All Time, As Voted by 125 Famous Authors.”

Browse “15 Reasons Drinking Beer Makes You Live Longer.”

Read Aquarium Drunkard‘s interview with Neko Case.

Browse FashionBeans’ list of “25 Pieces of Timeless Style Advice All Men Should Hear.”

Read as Noisey dissects “Song Exploder”.

Read NPRs report: “Loneliness May Warp Our Genes, And Our Immune Systems.”

Meet the guy whose job it is to let you know if an album has leaked yet.

Read as J.K. Rowling recounts meeting Morrissey.

Browse “A short history of photographic cameras before they went digital.”

Browse Paste‘s picks for “10 EDM Albums For People Who Don’t Like EDM.”

Read/Listen as PRI reflects: “The music of Vince Guaraldi helped make ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas‘ a cultural icon.”

Read as Noisey considers “The Shifting Image Of The Teenage Female Pop Star: How We Got From Britney Spears to Lorde.”

Browse Pitchfork‘s list of “The Muppets‘ Best Musical Moments.”

Choose from “7 Whiskey Drinks That Could Help Cure Your Cold.”

Read “Relevant”‘s report: “Tracy Morgan Says He Had an Encounter with God After His Accident.”

See “A Perfectly Symmetrical Photo of a Kingfisher Diving for Prey, Nearly 6 Years in the Making.”

Read Pitchfork‘s report that Peter Hook is suing the other members of New Order.

Read as Noisey wonders why Black Metal fans are so elitist.

Read AV Club‘s report that Samurai Jack will return to Cartoon Network in 2016.

Read as The Guardian asks why so many writers feel the need to share so much and when is it too much?

Read as Salon considers: “Buy less, do more: 5 reasons why experiences make us happier than things.”

  • Read REI‘s take: “Less stuff, more life.”
  • Read as The Atlantic weighs in: “Buy Experiences, Not Things.”

Take the Poll: Would You Use a Playground for Older People?

Browse Noisey‘s picks for “The Weirdest Records Of All Time.”

Read as The Atlantic considers the Milli Vanilli legacy: “Twenty-five years ago, the lip-syncing models were dethroned—and a class of more sophisticatedly manufactured stars took their place.”

Consider “How Independent Artists and Labels Are Getting Squeezed Out By The ‘Vinyl Revival’.”

Read as Ozy wonders why the US just can’t seem to get on board with high speed rail.

Read as The Washington Post considers “Why today’s college students don’t want to be teachers.”

Meet the app that will “play Nickelback every time you try to contact your ex.”

Read as Fast Company profiles Tesla’s move into the battery business.

Read as The Washington Post considers “Why Americans dress so casually.”

Browse The Phoenix New Times‘s list of “25 Legendary Tempe Music Venues: Then and Now.”

Read The Daily Beast‘s piece: “The Story of Orion: Elvis Presley’s Mysterious, Masked Doppelganger Who Hoodwinked the World.”

Read The Guardian‘s profile of John Fahey: “the guitarist who was too mysterious for the world.”

Read NME‘s report: “Cloud storage backups of personal music collections made illegal in the UK”.

Read as “Relevant” considers “How ‘Peanuts’ Took Faith to Culture”.

R.I.P. Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver.

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