The Great American Mixtape Exchange: 2015 Favorites

2993_tape1 copyIt’s no secret that I love music. It’s also no secret that I love making and exchanging music mixes. It’s also no secret that I love year-end lists.

What could be better than exchanging music mixes at the end of the year of your favorite music from said year?

So here’s the deal: I am inviting each and every one of you to submit a mix of your favorite music of 2015. I will post it for the world (or the three people who actually read this blog) to enjoy.

Here are the catches . . . uh, er, I mean deets. I mean, here’s the dealio:

  • Every song on your mix must have been released in 2015.
  • Your mix must fit on an average blank CD, which is 80 minutes.
  • Please include a tracklist at minimum. Original artwork is preferable.
  • Please upload/host your mix yourself. I will simply link it for you. Zip it. Stuff it. Dropbox it. Whatever you have to do. You’re a big person. You can figure it out.
  • Please write something about your mix. Is there a theme, why these songs, etc. Please make it personal, let us know something about why this music was included beyond just: uh, I like it.
  • Please include any relevant information about yourself you would like included in your post. Name and city at least but please include something about yourself and links if you have your own website, etc.
  • You may include all or the requested, relevant items in the comments of this post or, feel free t0 e-mail me.
  • All submissions must be to me by Friday, December 18, 2015.
  • Please participate. Please invite others. Please be kind. Please stop gun violence in America.

Any questions? Too bad, I’m not sure I have anything else to say about this topic.

Let’s do this thing! Yeah, you know that’s right.


2 thoughts on “The Great American Mixtape Exchange: 2015 Favorites

  1. Hey I made a mix! And It’s really good!
    Here’s a track listing:
    1 – Kurt Vile – Pretty Pimpin’
    2 – Tame Impala – Yes I’m Changing
    3 – Son Lux – You Don’t Know Me
    4 – Von the Baptist – Graves
    5 – Sufjan Stevens – Fourth of July
    6 – Alabama Shakes – Gimme All Your Love
    7 – Dustin Kensrue – Gallows
    8 – Kendrick Lamar – How Much A Dollar Costs
    9 – MUTEMATH – Stratosphere
    10 – MewithoutYou – Red Cow
    11 – My Morning Jacket – In Its Infancy (The Waterfall)
    12 – Josh Garrels – A Long Way
    13 – Foals – Lonely Hunter
    14 – Andra Day – Rearview
    15 – Noah Gundersen – Selfish Art

    I didn’t follow any sort of theme, but I did try to pick songs that fit well together. For this reason, I left all of the metal and hip-hop albums that I was stoked on this year, but I assure you there were some good ones there too. The only hip hop song I left in there is one by Kendrick Lamar because his album this year was just too powerful and too significant to leave out of a 2015 mix. I put it right smack in the middle, which will either make it feel awkward or give you a good bookmark right in the middle. Either way, listen to the lyrics, they’re powerful and very relevant considering our current selfishness in trying to hoard everything while the rest of the world starves.
    “Have you ever opened up Exodus 14? A humble man is all that we ever need.
    Tell me how much a dollar cost.”
    Here’s the link:

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