The Great American Mixtape Exchange: 2015 Favorites (Jonathan Wolfinger Edition)

2993_tape1 copy“Since it was confined to 2015 here’s the jist of this list . . . Songs that stir – Either for musical quality/jamability or rich lyrical content.

The order of the list attempts to give a start a little “high” and then track through the valley before the light is seen again.”

Songs That Stir tracklisting:
  1. Then Came The Morning  by The Lone Bellow
  2. Gimme All Your Love by Alabama Shakes
  3. Brother by The Brilliance
  4. Love at the End (live) by John Mark McMillan
  5. Cold As It Is by The Lone Bellow
  6. Don’t Wanna Fight by Alabama Shakes
  7. Take My Love by The Lone Bellow
  8. Everything Is Yours by Liz Vice
  9. Does Your Heart Break by The Brilliance
  10. Still I Will Praise You by Daniel Bashta
  11. May You Find A Light (reprise) by The Brilliance
  12. There’s A Light (live) by Liz Vice
  13. What Beautiful Things by Dustin Kensrue
  14. Carbon Ribs (live) by John Mark McMillan
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