2016: The Year In Review

Year-end is a time for reflection. What went well, what didn’t? What would you change or keep the same? What lessons can be learned?

2016 continued to feel like a holding pattern. After resigning from vocational ministry in January 2015, I have struggled to find solid footing. I have found part-time employment but have struggled to find “what’s next” for me and my family and we have struggled to find a faith community.

But through it all, I have felt challenged to know myself more fully. I have been thinking a lot about the fantastic Tom Waits quote: “Be devoted to the unification of the diverse aspects of yourself.” I have been fascinated by both Mennonite and Anglican thought. I have moved away from Republianity and deeper into a desire to understand how Christianity fuels social justice.

Through it all, I am deeply thankful for family and proven friends. When you resign from ministry, you realize that many people who you thought were your friends were . . . well, I don’t know, except to say that it’s easy to feel lonely. I am thankful for friends who prove themselves to be just that, regardless of my position.

The past couple of years have felt like a pruning and I’m excited to see what flowers from it.

In the meantime, let’s look back a bit.

  • Browse my favorite books and authors of 2016.
  • Browse my favorite albums of 2016.
  • Stream a two-volume mix of some of my favorite 2016 songs.

The Great American Mixtape Exchange: 2015 Favorites (Mark Whiten Edition)

Eldons 2015 mix coverAnd now, the one we’ve all been waiting for . . . well, I’ve been waiting for . . . the one, the only, sometimes he goes by Eldon, sometimes not . . . Mark the “White N” Whiten!!

A man of Mark’s stature is far too busy to elaborate much on a mix. But here’s what I could get out of him:

“My collection of songs for a 2015 mix comes mainly from my attraction to the structure of a song…. And in some cases not the lyrics. Although the style or genre of music goes from noise rock to no wave to chamber folk to Brit rock the theme may be fluid structure. So, much like the historical Tacoma Narrows Bridge or an aneurysm, this mix in its sum and its parts has movable or deformable structure with an internal or surrounding fluid flow. Most of these songs are included in albums that themselves are picks for favorites of the year.”

Here’s the tracklist:

  • What Went Down by Foals
  • I Saw A Ghost by The Slow Readers Club
  • Eyes Peeled by METZ
  • A Heroine by Holy Holy
  • Snow by The Lonely Wild
  • Lawman by Girl Band
  • Suicide Girl by Clark and the Himselfs
  • Exeunt by The Oh Hellos
  • Alligator Years by Twinsmith
  • Acne/Ears by Roadside Graves
  • Miss You by Alabama Shakes
  • Breaker by Dalton
  • Baby What’s Wrong by Whitehorse
  • Sedona by Houndmouth
  • Odell by Lowland Hum
  • The Wind That Shakes The Barley by Black Rivers

Download Mark’s mix at Zippyshare.

The Great American Mixtape Exchange: 2015 Favorites (Chris Martin Edition)

2993_tape1 copyAnd now, it our friend Chris Martin’s turn!

Here’s what he has to say about his mix:

“Here are some of my favorite songs from 2015. There’s no real theme here, aside from the fact that I’ve danced to most of these songs with my one year old son over the past year.

I tried to at least put the songs in an order that isn’t too jarring. The exception is the two songs at the end: The Valley Maker track is by a friend of mine and it was just too good to leave off even though it’s totally different than everything else on the list. The other exception is the Vince Staples song. It has some serious profanity in it, so I put it at the end so people can skip it if they want.

Finally, there’s some great music videos on this list. I especially love the Thundercat and Courtney Barnett videos.


Chris chose to make a Youtube playlist of his picks. Here is the traklisting:

  • Kamikaze by MØ
  • Gold by Kiiara
  • Fela by nvdes
  • Standard by Empress Of
  • Blue & Green by Loyal
  • Them Changes by Thundercat
  • Hotline Bling by Donna Missal
  • Home by Islandis
  • Heroes by Callers
  • Desire by Dilly Dally
  • Dead Fox by Courtney Barnett
  • Book of Right On by Foxtails Brigade
  • Pretty Little Life Form by Valley Maker
  • Norf Norf by Vince Staples
Stream the mix right here:

Or find it on Youtube here.

the Weekly Town Crier

London's Town Crier copyI know what you’re thinking: Gosh-dangit, this guy is at it again?! Does he really think we care this much about what he found so interesting this week?! Yes, yes I do think you’re interested in what I found interesting this week. That’s why you’re hear, isn’t it? Admit it, you’re interested. And that’s interesting, isn’t it?

Welcome to the Weekly Town Crier: where I collect links to various things I found interesting this week. You read what interests you and skip what doesn’t and we’ll all be happily interesting together. Separate. On our computers.

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It’s the most wonderful time of year: year-end list time!

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The Great American Mixtape Exchange: 2015 Favorites (Jonathan Wolfinger Edition)

2993_tape1 copy“Since it was confined to 2015 here’s the jist of this list . . . Songs that stir – Either for musical quality/jamability or rich lyrical content.

The order of the list attempts to give a start a little “high” and then track through the valley before the light is seen again.”

Songs That Stir tracklisting:
  1. Then Came The Morning  by The Lone Bellow
  2. Gimme All Your Love by Alabama Shakes
  3. Brother by The Brilliance
  4. Love at the End (live) by John Mark McMillan
  5. Cold As It Is by The Lone Bellow
  6. Don’t Wanna Fight by Alabama Shakes
  7. Take My Love by The Lone Bellow
  8. Everything Is Yours by Liz Vice
  9. Does Your Heart Break by The Brilliance
  10. Still I Will Praise You by Daniel Bashta
  11. May You Find A Light (reprise) by The Brilliance
  12. There’s A Light (live) by Liz Vice
  13. What Beautiful Things by Dustin Kensrue
  14. Carbon Ribs (live) by John Mark McMillan
  • Listen to Jonathan’s mix at Spotify.

Or, there’s really no need to leave when you can listen right here: