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London's Town Crier copyYeah, you know that’s right. This is how we do it. and other stuff all you cool kids say on the beat. Wait for the drop. Get your groove on.

Actually, I doubt anyone actually reads this first part so it doesn’t really matter what nonsense I come with, now does it? Let’s be real. There are lots more important things for us to consider. Like, for instance, some of the links I found interesting this week. I hope you find them interesting as well.

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Browse Large Hearted Boy‘s list of “100 Online Sources for Free and Legal Music Downloads.”

Browse Taste of Cinema‘s picks for “The 15 Most Memorable Songs Used In Wes Anderson Movies.”

  • Read Consequence of Sound‘s report: “Bill Murray signs on for Wes Anderson’s next film.’

It’s the most wonderful time of year: year-end list time!

  • * = Added to the list this week.
  • Listen as All Songs Considered considers the year in music.
  • Browse American Songwriter’s picks for the “Top 50 Albums of 2015.”
  • Browse AV Club‘s picks for “The 15 best albums of 2015.” *
  • Browse Consequence of Sound‘s picks for the “Top 50 Songs of 2015.”
  • Browse Consequence of Sound‘s picks for the “Top 50 Albums of the Year.”
  • Browse Design Week’s picks for their favorite album covers.
  • Browse FACT‘s picks for the best record labels of the year.
  • Browse FACT‘s picks for albums of the year. *
  • Browse Flavorwire‘s picks for “The 50 Best Independent Press Books of 2015.”
  • Browse as the KEXP DJ’s make their picks.
  • Browse NME‘s albums of the year.
  • Browse Noisey‘s picks for songs of the year.
  • Browse Noisey‘s picks for albums of the year. *
  • Browse NPR Music’s “50 Favorite Albums Of 2015.” *
  • Browse NPR’s picks for the best books of 2015 *
  • Browse as Pandora reveals the top 100 “thumbed up” songs of 2015.
  • Browse Paste‘s picks for the “The 50 Best Songs of 2015.”
  • Browse Paste‘s picks for albums of the year.
  • Browse Paste‘s picks for “The 10 Best Box Sets of 2015.” *
  • Browse Paste‘s picks for “The Best Comic Books of 2015.” *
  • Browse Piccadilly Records‘s choices.
  • Browse as Pop Matters‘s makes their picks for “The 80 Best Albums of 2015.” *
  • Browse The Quietus‘s picks.
  • Browse Rolling Stone‘s picks.
  • Browse Rough Trade‘s picks for their favorite albums of the year.
  • Browse Spin‘s picks for “The 50 Best Albums of 2015.”
  • Browse Spin‘s picks for the “101 Best Songs of 2015.”
  • Browse Stereogum‘s picks for their favorite new bands of 2015.
  • Browse Stereogum‘s picks for albums of the year.
  • Browse Stereogum‘s picks for their “80 Favorite Songs Of 2015.” *
  • Browse Uncut‘s favorite albums of 2015.

Read The Atlantic‘s piece: “Quick Thinkers Seem Charismatic, Even If They’re Not That Smart.”

See A Rare Video For Bob Dylan‘s ‘Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues’ at NPR.

R.I.P. Robert Loggia.

R.I.P. North Face founder Douglas Tompkins.

Listen To Wilco’s Episode Of Song Exploder.”

Browse Fast Company‘s list of “7 Common Public Speaking Tips You Should Ignore.”

Read Time‘s report: “Samsung to Pay Apple $548 Million in Patent Case.”

  • Read The Verge’s report: “Apple waited too long to get into music streaming,” ending with the line: “If Apple is serious about winning in music streaming, the bar must be raised. The name on the door isn’t enough anymore.’

See “A Stunning Scale Model of Our Solar System, Drawn in the Desert.”

Read/listen to NPR’s piece: “After Mass Shootings, People Turn To Prayer — And Prayer Shaming.”

Read The New Yorker‘s piece: “How Jane Vonnegut Made Kurt Vonnegut A Writer.”

See “What Happens When Millennials Try To Use Their Grandparents’ Technology.”

If you’re in the Phoenix area and looking for a way to help others this Holiday Season, browse Flourish Phoenix‘ list of “11 Ways to Love Our Neighbors this Christmas.”

Read The Atlantic‘s piece: “Why God Will Not Die: Science keeps revealing how much we don’t, perhaps can’t, know. Yet humans seek closure, which should make religious pluralists of us all.”

Read as First Things considers the disappearance of Advent from the regular practice of many churches.

Read Slate‘s report that “Amazon Just Bought Its Own Fleet of Semi-Trucks.”

Read as The New Yorker considers “How Energy-Drink Companies Prey On Male Insecurities.”

Browse NME‘s list of “61 of the Greatest Film Soundtracks Ever.”

Read as The Daily Beast considers: “A new study finds that people who love bulls**t inspirational quotes have lower intelligence and more “conspiratorial ideations.”

Watch as “Colbert Explains Why ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ Matter”.

Read as Russell Moore reminds us “Why Christians must speak out against Donald Trump’s Muslim remarks.”

Read as Pitchfork considers “How Playlists Are Curating The Future of Music.”

Read BBC News‘ report that Jimmy Carter is now cancer-free.

Read as the Smithsonian considers “How Twitching Frog Legs Helped Inspire Frankenstein“.

Read as Scott Weiland’s ex-wife and children share some sobering thoughts about the man behind the songs.

See “Inside Walt Disney’s Immaculately Reconstructed Office.”

Read as Paste considers “How The Internet Killed Late-Night Comedy.”

Read as “Rush’s Neil Peart says he’s retired from music”. Wait, no. Read this report that says Rush are not breaking up after all.

Read Thom Yorke‘s letter to Father Christmas, asking for reading clashes and letting oil companies have it.

Read as Christianity Today wonders: “Do Babies Go to Heaven?”

Read as Gary Clark Jr. considers five songs he wishes he’d written with Rolling Stone.

Read Rolling Stone‘s report that Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, and the Weeknd Lead this year’s Grammy Nominations.

Download Noisetrade‘s 2015 Holiday Mix.

Read Lifeway’s report: “Successful new churches share four factors” at Christianity Today.

Read Pitchfork‘s report that The Replacements biography has been announced, with participation from band members.

Read The Concourse‘s piece: “Happy 20th Birthday To This American Life, Which Is Way Darker Than You Think.”

Read/Listen to NPR’s report that Germany’s Angela Merkel has been named as Time‘s Person of the Year.

Read NPR’s report that Diane Rehm will retire from her long-running broadcast show after the 2016 presidential election.

Read as The Gospel Coalition considers “How Twitter Helped Fred Phelp’s Granddaughter Walk Away From Westboro.”

Meet Kanye West‘s pastor who has his own reality show, “Rich In Faith.”

Browse Food & Wine‘s list of “50 Amazing Nanobreweries in 50 States.”

Read Boing Boing‘s report that Marriott hotels will be “removing desks from its hotel rooms “because Millennials”.

Read “A Christian Case for Ending the War on Drugs The unintended consequences of America’s drug policies” at “Relevant”.

Read Christianity Today‘s report: “Pastors and Pews Vastly Disagree on Discipleship Success.”

Read OkayPlayer‘s report that Wu-Tang Clan has given themselves and/or Bill Murray permission to legally steal their $2 Million album sold to “Pharma Bro”.

Read Christianity Today‘s report that C.S. Lewis was a secret government agent.

ReadNietzsche on the Power of Music”.

the Weekly Town Crier

Town CrierWell I don’t know why you have to get all snippy about it, there Snoopy. I mean, come on. It’s not like it’s really a big deal. Chillax already, yo.

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Watch a short documentary about an evangelical Christian who has left the Republican party over gun rights.

Read as The Gothamist talks to Anthony Bourdain about “Sushi, Tipping & His New Graphic Novel.” Also read as Bourdain says: “‘Every Restaurant in America Would Shut Down’ if Donald Trump Elected‘.

Hear a clip of James Franco narrating Slaughterhouse-Five.

Browse “Vintage mug shots of iconic actors and musicians.”

Read Hypebeast‘s report that “Vice Media Is Working With Disney to Have Its Own TV Channel.”

Read as The Guardian wonders whether or not the Star Trek television reboot can “live long and prosper in the Netflix era?”

See the “Henry Rollins Driving App” that “Tells You How Hard It Would Have Been to Get There in the 80’s”.

Read as The New Yorker considers “Humans of New York and the Cavalier Consumption of Others.”

Read Time‘s report that Seattle’s famous “gum wall” will soon be scraped clean.

Read FACT’s report that David Lynch’s Twin Peaks reboot has been delayed until 2017.

Read Time‘s report that “Ireland Plans to Set Up Heroin-Injection Centers.”

Read The Telegraph‘s piece: “Bearded men ‘more likely to be sexist’.”

Ever wonder “Why You Can’t Draw a Perfect Circle?”

Read as “Relevant” considers “The Problem with Saying ‘All Lives Matter’”.

Read reports that The Greatest American Hero is returning to television.

See the $43 million gas station the U.S. military built in Afghanistan.

Read as Phoenix New Times profiles Huss Brewing Company.

See the world’s most expensive cocktails.

Read Stereogum‘s report that “Kurt Cobain’s Unplugged Cardigan Up For Auction.”

Read as “Relevant” wonders: “Is Technology Killing Relationships?”

Read as “Students in public school say Christianity is being forced on them.”

Read about “The scientist who transplanted monkey heads.”

See a new-fangled contraption that lets you bicycle and ski at the same time.

Apparently Subway‘s footlong subs are now a foot long.

Browse “8 Pearls of Wisdom from Hayao Miyazaki” at the Creators Project.

Read as Christianity Today considers “Why Guatemala Elected an Evangelical Entertainer as Its New President.”

R.I.P. ‘Happy Days’ Star Al Molinaro.

R.I.P. Fred Thompson, former U.S. senator and actor.

R.I.P. noted intellectual René Girard.

Read as Salon considers “The frightening effects of indoor pollution on our brain function.”

See a  “Living, Hearing Copy of van Gogh’s Ear.”

Praise the  “Return of the Flying Toasters”!

Read Salon‘s piece: “Too poor for pop culture.”

Read FACT‘s report: “Napster returns in Canada as music streaming service.”

Listen to Animal Collective’s 24-minute improvised jam “Michael, Remember

Read as Rachel Dolezal admits: “I Was Born White.”

See a squirrel feeder that turns unsuspecting hungry little critters into Cybermen.

Read as José González tells Salon: The most interesting music isn’t on the radio.”

Read as The Atlantic considers “The Decay of Twitter”.

Read/listen as PRI considers “Why we may be headed to a completely cashless society.”

Read about Willie Nelson‘s crusade against corporate influence on the ever-growing likelihood of legalized marijuana.

Hear “Musical Illusions” at RadioLab.

Read as the Guardian reminds us that “There’s more to life – and people – than academic skills.”

Read Boing Boing’s report of the new Marwencol book.

Read Interview‘s profile of Laurie Anderson.

Read about the night David Letterman devoted to just one guest; Warren Zevon.

See Sennheiser’s new $55,000 headphones.

See “random splash of seawater, magnified 25 times.”

Browse the Telegraph‘s list of “The world’s most ‘hipster’ neighbourhoods.”

Read as Pitchfork considers the link between punk and country: “Why So Many Punks Grow Up to Be Cowboys (and Cowgirls)”

Read “Bernard Sumner on Ian Curtis and His Joy Division Bandmates.”

Read as The Village Voice‘s attempt to interview Jonathan Richman is met with a hand-written letter.

Watch Danny Elfman Play Oingo Boingo’s “Dead Man’s Party” For The First Time In 20 Years.”

Hear Mariachi covers of Morrissey.

Read as Christianity Today tries to come “to Terms with a Post-Christian World.”

Read NPR’s report that Amazon has opened a bookstore in Seattle.

Read as Slate talks to Sarah Vowell about her new book Lafayette in the Somewhat United States.

Read Paste‘s report: “Kenny G Wants to Break His World Record of Holding a Single Note on the Saxophone.”

Read about Jon Stewart’s new deal with HBO.

Read as The Atlantic wonders “Is It Harmful to Use Music as a Coping Mechanism?”

Read Time‘s report that “Guinness is Going Vegan.”

See the “Library where you can check out dead animals.”

Read The Washington Post‘s report: “Google confirms it will launch a drone delivery service in 2017.”

Read about the backlash against Manhattan’s decaf coffee shop.

Read Paste‘s report: “Activision Buys the Makers of Candy Crush Saga for $5.9 Billion.”

See Istanbul’s Breaking Badthemed cafe.

Read The Atlantic‘s piece: “The Closest Look Yet at Gentrification and Displacement.”

Browse “The Popularity of Music Genres, 2005-present.”

Read NME‘s report that Steven Moffat has said that Doctor Who will last at least five more years.

See “Every Watch James Bond Has Ever Worn.”

Read Time‘s profile of the documentary What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi Legacy.

See “how Richard Scarry books have been updated for more P.C. times” at the AV Club.

Read as “J.K. Rowling Reveals the American Word for Muggle.”

Read Alternative Press‘s piece: “These songs are the most effective at getting you out of bed in the morning, according to science” to help you get your daily groove on.

Hear T.S. Eliot reading from his last major work

Read NME‘s report that James Franco has signed a record deal for an album and film derived from poems he’s written about Smiths songs. The album will feature Smith’s bassist Andy Rourke.

See the 67-year-old woman who fronts a grindcore band.

the Weekly Town Crier

TownCrierAnd then they lived happily ever after. Except there was this pesky little feeling that they were missing something, they had forgotten something. One night, as sleep evaded them, they whispered to one another: we forgot to check the Weekly Town Crier . . .

This is where I collect links of varying degrees of interest for various reasons.

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Browse Paste‘s list of “8 Beer Hacks.”

ViewErnest Hemingway‘s life through his mementos.”

See images from visual artist Eduardo Terrazas‘ first solo exhibition in the UK.

Read as Paste argues: “Anthony Bourdain Is Still the Best Critic We Got”. Thoughts?

See photos of “people devoured by nature”.

Browse a visual list of “The 50 best-selling albums ever”.

Take “a look at Taco Bell’s first alcohol menu”.

Read Salon‘s profile of Memphis’ Lucero in honor of their terrific new album All A Man Should Do.

R.I.P. Phyllis Tickle.

R.I.P. Yogi Berra.

R.I.P. Jackie Collins.

Read as Drowned in Sound considers “the Ineffable Joy of Pop” as they talk with Carly Rae Jepsen.

Read as Ryan Adams talks about his album of Taylor Swift covers.

See the art of 10 serial killers.

See “Kintsugi, The Japanese Art of Fixing Broken Pottery With Gold.”

Browse as the Huffington Post makes their picks for Fall book releases.

Read Pitchfork‘s report of the posthumous release of “Over 40 Rare Instrumentals” by Dilla.

See the “New Caption That Works for All New Yorker Cartoons.”

Ever wonder why you can’t print without color ink?

Listen to Johann Johannssen‘s score for the film Sicario at Noisey.

Browse Paste‘s list of “7 Hotels for Artists and Art Lovers.”

Read reports that Kenny Rogers will quit touring.

Browse as the Orange County Register picks their favorite surfing books.

Read as the Guardian examines “the history of feuds between pop stars and the press.”

Read as Rolling Stone talks to Kurt Vile about his fantastic new album: ‘B’lieve I’m Goin Down…

Read as Kim Gordon interviews Kurt Vile.

Morrissey has released his debut novel and the reviews are not good: “It is an unpolished turd, the stale excrement of Morrissey’s imagination.”

Read as the Guardian examines John Peel’s lasting musical influence.

Read as Ivan and Alyosha pick their favorite music to listen to while touring.

Read the New York Timesreport that Ta-Nehisi Coates will write a Black Panther comic for Marvel.

Read as Literary Hub considers the convergence of books and music festivals.

Read as the AV Club considers the history of music bootlegging and browse as they make 15 “essential” picks.

the Weekly Town Crier

towncrierBlippity bloppity boo to you too. So what of it?

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Browse Outside‘s 2015 list of “The 16 Best Places to Live in America”. Did your town make the list?

Read about the “121-year-old bottle of whisky” found in a “Scottish time capsule”. Would you try it?

Browse Paste‘s list of the 10 best things on Crackle (other than Seinfeld, though Jerry does make an appearance).

Read as Oregon Live catches up with NPR’s/”Portland’s Own” Ari Shapiro.

Read Time‘s report: “J.J. Abrams Says Nazis Inspired the New Star Wars Villains”.

Read about “One Woman’s Attempt to Become a Wrestling Fan”.

Browse this list of “15 Composers To Watch” in 2015.

Read reports that “Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are writing a movie together”.

Read as Salon explores “Why the ’90s are literally disappearing from history”.

Read FACT‘S piece reporting: “Spotify demands access to your contacts, photos and location”.

Adding traffic sound effects on ants makes them entertaining to watch“.

Browse Time’s list: “14 of China’s Finest World Monument Replicas”.

Read Outside‘s piece: “John Muir Knew How to Live”.

Read The Atlantic‘s piece: “How Coolness Defined the World Wide Web of the 1990s”.

Enter the debate: “Are Older Whiskeys Really Better?”

Read as Banksy interviews Run the JewelsRead about Banky’s Dismaland. See the trailer.

Read about “Pop Tart Beer”.

Watch Seinfeld Recut as a Devastating but Heartwarming Lifetime Movie.

Apparently “Axl Rose and Slash are friends again” prompting many to wonder about the possibility of a Guns n’ Roses reunion.

BrowseUncut’s 50 best bootlegs”.

Read Paste‘s report: “Paul Thomas Anderson to Release Documentary on Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood”.

See a $20,000 opal, which looks like “a nebula trapped in a gemstone”.

Read NME‘s report: “Morrissey announces release of debut novel. See the cover.

Browse Paste‘s list of “6 Fictional Languages in Literature”. What’s your favorite?

Read as the Washington Post laments: “We’re now averaging more than one mass shooting per day in 2015.”

Read Flavorwire‘s report: “Bruce Willis Probably Got Fired From the New Woody Allen Movie”.

Hear “Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp’s Hollywood Vampires cover The Who’s ‘My Generation’.

See photos of rarely seen cultures.

Read Consequence of Sound‘s report that Odd Future rapper Tyler the Creator has been banned from the UK.

See “Harry Potter re-imagined as the villain of a horror movie”.

Read the Washington Post‘s report that the Mormon Church will continue its relationship with the Boy Scouts of America.

Watch “a Supercut of All the People Batman Has Killed”. For a guy with a no-kill policy . . .

Browse Spotify‘s list of “the most timeless songs ever”.

Two Book Series That Should Be Films

3813e557e99d02aca03ae9f82f8206f85f5b35f1Despite our continued best hopes to the contrary, Hollywood continues to turn our favorite books into lowest-common denominator drivel. The Narnia movies weren’t that great. The Harry Potter movies ranged from fairly decent to pretty good. The Lord of the Rings movies may have been OK but they certainly didn’t hold my interest long enough to find out.

And yet, with all the common sense of a leaping lemming, I sometimes think Hollywood might one day get it right. There are two series in particular where I would love to see filmmakers get it right. Centering

First, N.D. Wilson’s 1oo Cupboards series. Centering around Henry P. York, a young man who finds his connection to otherworldly adventure through a series of cupboards, this tale of discovery, loss of comfort and search for identity has everything a good Fall blockbuster should.

Second, I would love to see The Wingfeather Saga. The Igiby family’s struggle will draw you in and keep you to the end.

What are some books you’d like to see made into movies?


The Weekly Town Crier

YeOldeTownCrierIsn’t that always the way? Instead of being thankful that I’m back with another installment of the Weekly Town Crier, all you can think about is that I missed last week and instead posted a video of Don Edwards yip yipping on the Facebook page instead.

Well why don’t you think of someone else for once in your life, alright?! I am a very busy person and, as much as I exist to serve you, I don’t always have enough time to do everything well. And, gosh dangit, if I can’t do it well, I’m not going to do it. That’s something I learned from my Dear Old Dad.

Well, I guess that implies that today’s Town Crier is excellent. That may or may not be the case. That’s up for you to decide.

You can buy my original pieces at my new Etsy shop and you can orderprints (framed or un) and shower curtains and duvet covers and such sundry items at my Society6 page.

It’s time again once again for the year-end list round-up.Year-End Lists, Year-End Lists, Everybody Loves Year-End Lists!:

  • Browse All Songs Considered‘s “Year In Music” roundup.
  • Browse American Songwriter‘s picks for the  “Top 50 Songs Of 2014″.
  • Browse Aquarium Drunkard‘s picks for 2014.
  • Browse AV Club‘s picks for the “Least Essential” albums of 2014.
  • Browse Christianity Today’s picks for books of the year.
  • Browse Consequence of Sound’s picks for the best live acts of the year.
  • Browse Consequence of Sound‘s picks for the best music videos of 2014.
  • Browse as the Drowned In Sound staff picks their top three of 2014.
  • Browse Drowned In Sound‘s picks for the best live sets of the year.
  • Browse Gorilla vs. Bear‘s list.
  • Browse Mojo‘s top 50 albums of 2014.
  • Browse Paste‘s top 50 albums of 2014.
  • Browse Paste’s top songs of 2014.
  • Browse Pitchfork‘s songs of the year.
  • Browse PopMatters’ picks for the best “Indie Rock” of 2014.
  • Browse PopMatters’ picks for the year’s best “Americana”.
  • Browse Rolling Stone‘s picks.
  • Browse Sterogum‘s picks.
  • Browse Time‘s favorite albums of the year.
  • Browse Time’s picks for the worst songs of the year.

Watch Bob Dylan perform a private concert for a single fan.

Watch Michael Stipe Reminisce About R.E.M. On CBS This Morning“. I don’t know about you, but there’s something disheartening seeing one of my favorite artists from my youth on CBS This Morning. I guess we all have to grow up sometime.

Pope Francis says dogs can go to heaven“.

Read “The Case for Drinking as Much Coffee as You Like”.

Read “Relevant”‘s report that Invisible Children is shutting down.

Read this report that “Industrial band Skinny Puppy sent a $666,000 invoice to US Department of Defense for allegedly using its music to torture prisoners in Guantanamo Bay.”

Apparently, Doctor Who and Sherlock are both becoming theme park attractions.

Ever wonder “What Colour Is It” right now?

See 30 celebrity mugshots. Because celebrities are cool, right?!

Read Fact‘s report that one million plays on Spotify will get you $60.00. I’ve often wondered who is trying to make their living off of Spotify. I get the artist issues, but this is also one million plays you might not otherwise have gotten. Musician friends, help me out here.

Register to win a Big Star Box Set!

Read AV Club‘s report that Netflix is going to regularly announce which titles are coming and going.

Read as American Songwriter picks Crowded House‘s “Don’t Dream It’s Over” as its “Lyric Of The Week”.

Get your own A Tribe Called Quest sweater just in time for Christmas!

Read Stereogum‘s report that iTunes recently agreed to stop distributing some “white power” music while Amazon has declined to do so.

Watch a “mini documentary” on Future Islands.

Read about the Walking Dead spin-off that will take place in Los Angeles.