The Habañero Hour Podcast

Once upon a time, my good friend Eldon and I did a semi-regular podcast called The Habañero Hour. We explored and challenged the idea of “Christian” music by not only exposing you to lots of good music but talking to the people who make that good music. We regularly featured interview segments from artists who openly explore issues of faith without necessarily being part of “Christian” music per se. We also talked to non-Christians who have heaping helpings of faith in their music (Glen Phillips of Toad The Wet Sprocket, for example). Just to be clear: we make no assumptions about the faith of the people we played, other than that we were struck by something in the lyrics.  Our tagline was: “We might not change the world, but we will change the way you think about Christian music.” We also liked to say that we had the hottest music on the planet.

And then we stopped doing the podcast. We really enjoyed doing it, but it just seemed like we had said everything we had to say. So now we host many of those same artists in house shows as The Habañero Collective. If you’re in the Phoenix area, please keep updated on our upcoming events and help spread the word.

If you can’t make it to our awesome house shows, it’s OK because I’ve decided to compile all of the podcast episodes here for your listening pleasure. I have tried to include any release-date information where it is known.

Episode One:

Episode One was originally posted in February 2008 and featured interview segments with Burlap To Cashmere‘s Steven Delopoulos. This was shortly after the relase of his wonderful solo album Straightjacket.



The Habañero Hour Episode O1 Setlist:

01. “Distress Signal” by Jeremy Casella
02. “In the Garden” by Doug Burr
03. “Hang You Upside Down” by Model Engine
04. “Ruin of the Beast Introduction” by Steven Delopoulos
05. “Ruin of the Beast” by Steven Delopoulos
06. “Hoodwink” by Anathallo
07. “Our Friends Appear Like the Dawn” by Bodies of Water
08. “Swing Wide the Glimmering Gates” by Andrew Osenga
09. “Glorious” by Ever Stays Red
10. “I’m A Human Artist” by Steven Delopoulos
11. “Agendas” by Steven Delopoulos
12. “May I Always Keep My Feet Upon The Ground” by Steven Delopoulos
13. “Paul” by Pushstart Wagon
14. “Foot On The Brake” by Half-Handed Cloud
15. “The Parable of the Mustard Seed” by The Trees Community


Episode Two:

Featuring an exclusive interview with Glen Phillips (of Toad The Wet Sprocket), music from Seabird, Five O’Clock People and more. Welcome to episode 02!



The Habañero Hour Episode O2 Setlist:

01. “Swing Down, Sweet Chariot” by Jon Shirley
02. “The Surface” by This Beautiful Republic
03. “The Robots Among Us” by Synthar
04. “Forgiving Monarch” by Foxhole
05. “Bury the Hatchet” by Joe Garner
06. “Tomorrow On the Runway” by The Innocence Mission
07. “Thank You” by Glen Phillips
08. “Silence and Photographs” by Ely Falls
09. “Bhajo Re” by Aradhna
10.” I’m Free” by Psalters
11. “Blame” by Five O’Clock People
12. “Not Alone” by Seabird


Episode Three:

Episode 03 features interview segments from an October 2007 interview with Bill Mallonee of the Vigilantes of Love. Bill reflects on why he believes Roman Catholic artists have had an easier time expressing themselves in art and what he believes the “secret code” of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) to be. Episode 03 also features some great music. Check it out:


The Habañero Hour Episode 03 setlist:

1. “I’m No Longer Subject” by Destroy Nate Allen
2. “Awake in Me Oh Morning Sun” by The Cold Comfort Band
3. “Uniforms Forever” by Interstates
4. “Black Sea” by The Contact
5. “Resplendent” by The Vigilantes of Love
6. “Drink The Night Away” by Romantica
7. “Forgive and Forget” by Wavorly
8. The Deepest Blue by Geology
9. “You Give It All Your Heart” by Bill Mallonee
10. “Blue” by The Julies
11. “Don’t I Know the Way” by The Foxglove Hunt
12. “The Things We Can and Cannot Keep” by Alli Rogers
13. “Want to Die Easy When I Die” by Leon Pinson


Episode Four:

Featured artist: Jaime Barnes. Music from Capital Lights, Knights of the New Crusade, Justin McRoberts and more.




The Habañero Hour Episode 04 setlist:

  1. “The Son of God Goes Forth To War” by the Knights Of The New Crusade
  2. “Those Expensive Eyes” by Kat Jones
  3. “Back By Midnight” by Ponoka
  4. “1914″ by Rotterdam November
  5. “Conflict Diamond” by Jamie Barnes
  6. “The Light Princess” by Gileah and the Ghost Train
  7. “Mile Away” by Capital Lights
  8. “Shine On Me” by Telescope
  9. “Natu” by Stammering Lipz
  10. “You Can’t Go Wrong” by Jamie Barnes
  11. “A Hope Deferred” by Justin McRoberts
  12. “Innocence” by Atlas Takes Aim
  13. “Changed Man” by Brian Whitman
  14. “All Across The Nation” by the All Saved Freak Band


Episode Five:

Originally posted on April 10, 2009. Featured artist: David Eugene Edwards of 16 Horsepower and Wovenhand. Music from Soul-Junk, Sarah MacIntosh, Joe Pug, Blind Willie Johnson and more and more.



The Habañero Hour Episode 05 setlist:

  1. “Can Hop” by Soul-Junk
  2. “Did You Know” by Sarah MacIntosh
  3. “The Beautiful Axe” by Woven Hand
  4. “Golden Rope” by 16 Horsepower
  5. “Mr. Turner “by Ruth
  6. “Marvelous Light” by The Wellington Orphans of Sierra Leone
  7. “Hymn #101″ by Joe Pug
  8. “Rest “by Nevertheless
  9. “Come Thou Fount” by Page CXVI
  10. “Planet Round” by The Red Airplanes
  11. “To Make A Ring” by Woven Hand
  12. “Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground” by Blind Willie Johnson


Episode Six:

Originally posted on August 21, 2009. Featured artist: The Agents of Future. Also featuring Otha Turner, The Race, Bradley Hathaway and more and more. Welcome to Episode 06!



The Habañero Hour Episode 06 setlist:

  1. “Let Us Make A Record” by Sister Gertrude Morgan
  2. “Sewn In My Skin” by Agents of Future
  3. “Streetlight” by danyew
  4. “Curiosities and Such” by Joy Electric
  5. “Introducing . . . What’s Your Name?” by The Procussions
  6. “Father 2 The Fatherless” by Agents of Future
  7. “These Frail Hands” by Brave Saint Saturn
  8. “Give Me Your Bible” by The Race
  9. “Sandwich Time” by Jeremy Enigk
  10. “Silence” by Bradley Hathaway
  11. “Shining Star” by Papa San
  12. “Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!” by Otha Turner
  13. “There Is A Name” by Agents of Future


Episode Seven:

February 12, 2010. Episode 07′s featured artist is Trevor Davis from San Diego and features music from John Mark McMillian, Thrice, Brooks Ritter and others. Enjoy.



The Habañero Hour Episode 07 setlist:

  1. “Beautiful Morning” by Aaron Spiro
  2. “Holiday” by Future of Forestry
  3. “Symptoms of Trend” by Dr. Seahorse
  4. “Warrior” by Sojourn
  5. “Hallelujah, Our God Reigns” by Matt Papa
  6. “Hills Humbled, Mountains Made Low” by So Long Forgotten
  7. “Bones From The Ground” by Brooks Ritter
  8. “Throw Myself” by Dreampilots
  9. “Back to Sleep” by Trevor Davis
  10. “Skeleton Bones” by John Mark McMillan
  11. “All The World is Mad” by Thrice
  12. “Mr. Mister” by Trevor Davis


Episode Eight:

March 05, 2010. Featured artist Waterdeep, music from Lightheaded, Aaron Ivey, Tyler James, The Autumn Film and more. Welcome to The Habañero Hour Episode 08.



The Habañero Hour Episode 08 setlist:

  1. “Hard Times” by Bifrost Arts
  2. “Savior, Don’t You Pass Me By” by Reverend Pearly Brown
  3. “Blood” by The Middle East
  4. “Sweet River Roll” by Waterdeep
  5. “Wrong Way” by Lightheaded
  6. “Pieces” by Aaron Ivey
  7. “Behold” by Briertone
  8. “Cast Your Bread” by Cool Hand Luke
  9. “Don’t Let Me Fall” by The Relatives
  10. “He Will Come” by Waterdeep
  11. “Always The Same (Living Room Version)” by The Autumn Film
  12. “The Honest Love” by Abel
  13. “Stay Humble” by Tyler James
  14. “Good Good End” by Waterdeep


Episode Nine:

April 08, 2010. Featured artist: Aradhna, music from The Welcome Wagon, The Civil Wars, John Davis and others. Welcome to Episode 09.



The Habañero Hour Episode 09 setlist:

  1. “People Get Ready” by The Imperial Golden Crown Harmonizers
  2. “Jaya Dev” by Aradhna
  3. “Hush Child” by Kate Hurley
  4. “Hallelujah” by Preson Phillips
  5. “Repetitivus Primitivus” by Bram Cools
  6. “Shine” by The Ember Days
  7. “Gaao Re” by Aradhna
  8. “But For You Who Fear My Name” by The Welcome Wagon
  9. “Poison & Wine” by The Civil Wars
  10. “Lamentation vs. Laughter” by John Davis
  11. “Man Mera” by Aradhna


Episode Ten:

May 07, 2010. With featured artist: Matt Haeck, music from Aaron Strumpel, The Word, Doug Burr, They Sang As They Slew and more. Welcome to the feast for the senses that is Episode 10!The Habañero Hour Episode 10 setlist:



The Habañero Hour Episode 10 setlist:

  1. “Western States” by Matt Haeck
  2. “Courez Courez” by Hermas Zopoula
  3. “One Twenty One” by Aaron Strumpel
  4. “Jesus Will Provide” by Isaiah Owens
  5. “Sola Gratia” by This Beautiful Mess
  6. “Drug Like The Ocean” by Matt Haeck
  7. “Crying Holy Unto The Lord” by Bad Livers
  8. “Red, Red” by Doug Burr
  9. “I Can See With My Eyes Closed” by They Sang As They Slew
  10. “Call Him By His Name” by The Word
  11. “No Delay” by Ohmega Watts
  12. “Captive Train” by Holler, Wild Rose!
  13. “Entropy” by Anathallo


Episode Eleven:

August 20, 2010. Featured artist(s): Ben +Vesper. Music from Mike Farris, Peppershaker, Pierce Pettis and more. Welcome to the feast for the senses that is Episode 11!



The Habañero Hour Episode 11 setlist:

  1. “120z Double Shot” by Peppershaker
  2. “Oh Mary Don’t You Weep” by Mike Farris
  3. “New Nature” by Elephant Micah
  4. “Many Moons” by Ben + Vesper
  5. “State of Grace” by Pierce Petis
  6. “He’s A Comin’” by Lightning Splits The Bark
  7. “The Big Conversation” by Ben + Vesper
  8. “Rock of Ages” by Vesper
  9. “Traveler’s Psalm” by Andy Zipf
  10. “Terre Haute” by Woven Hand
  11. “The Great Physician” by Deas Vail
  12. “Human” by Civil Twilight
  13. “LivInIdleness” by Ben + Vesper
  14. “Meet Me Down By The River” by Corey Crowder


Special Feature Episode:

Welcome to a special, feature episode of The Habañero Hour dedicated to introducing you to the music and story of The Trees Community. This episode originally appeared on September 10, 2010 and was the first of what we hoped to be many “feature” episodes dedicated to a single artist, style of music or subject matter. It was the first and the last.

Though largely unknown for years, the Trees Community might now be considered to have been pioneers of the “freak folk” movement. The original “Christ Tree” album was released in 1975 and has remained out-of-print almost since that time. Tim Renner’s Dark Hollow and Hand/Eye labels not only re-released the album but a box set of previously unreleased material.

The band lived together in a New York loft, organizing themselves as a monastic order and playing music. They considered themselves to be much more than a band, but a way of life.

From their website:

“The Trees” were a Christian, contemplative community and a music group. Based at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in New York City, our traveling life in the 1970’s was shared publicly, across America and Canada, through original music as well as through other forms of service to others

We had the privilege of interviewing three members of the Trees Community and we have woven segments of those interviews with songs to introduce you to this great band. We hope you enjoy meeting The Trees Community. We know we have:

The Trees Community Feature Episode Tracklist:

  1. “Jesus He Knows”
  2. “Oh Mary Don’t You Weep” by Mike Farris
  3. “Village Orchestra”
  4. “Psalm 45″
  5. “Psalm 46″
  6. “Hosannah”
  7. “Glory Be To Jesus”
  8. “Chant For Pentecost”
  9. “I Will Not Leave You Comfortless”
  • Download the Trees Community Special Feature Episode


Episode Twelve:

October 8th, 2010. Featured artist: Stephen Roach/Songs of Water. Music from J. Tillman, Buddy Miller, Patty Griffin, The Call and more. Experience the audio goodness that is Episode 12 of the Habañero Hour.



The Habañero Hour Episode 12 setlist:

  1. “Something In The Water” by Brooke Fraser
  2. “Ode To A Patient God” by The Arrows
  3. “Love No Less Worthy” by J. Tillman
  4. “Mufafa’s Kitchen” by Songs of Water
  5. “Where They Sleep” by Jeremy Larson
  6. “Rich Man” by Hark the Herons
  7. “Burn Me Down” by House of Heroes
  8. “Broken Mess” by The Classic Crime
  9. “That’s All” by Sister Rosetta Tharpe
  10. “Washaway” by The Israelites
  11. “Through the Dead Wood” by Songs of Water
  12. “Shelter Me” by Buddy Miller
  13. “When It Doesn’t Come Easy” by Patty Griffin
  14. “I Still Believe (Great Design)” by The Call


Episode Thirteen:

November 12, 2010. Featured artist: Joe Day. Music from Drew Grow & the Pastors’ Wives, Derek Webb, Nickel Creek and much, much more. Experience the audio goodness that is Episode 13 of the Habañero Hour. Prepare for exposure to awesomeness.


The Habañero Hour Episode 13 setlist:

  1. “Take Me Away” by Josh Miles
  2. “Passover” by Joe Day
  3. “Bounce” by Joshua Stamper
  4. “Voices” by Ben Snof
  5. “Fix It Jesus” by Reverend Charlie Jackson
  6. “Way Of The Sun” by Flatfoot 56
  7. “The Balancing Act” by Cool Hand Luke
  8. “Homicide” by Kernal Garner
  9. “Doubting Thomas” by Nickel Creek
  10. “The Fullness” by Lovelite
  11. “What Have We Done?” by Joe Day
  12. “Your Kingdom Come” by Derek Webb
  13. “It All Comes Right” by Drew Grow & The Pastors’ Wives


Episode Fourteen:

The last episode, number fourteen originally appeared February 24, 2011. Featured artist: Justin McRoberts. Music from Johnny Cash, Grant Green, Mavis Staples, Dustin Kensrue, Jon Foreman and many more. Experience the aural goodness that is Episode 14 of the Habañero Hour. Prepare for exposure to extreme awesomeness.


The Habañero Hour Episode 14 setlist:

  1. “Do The Regret” by Lorien
  2. “Heart” by Iamwe
  3. “Growing Pains” by I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business
  4. “Head Like A Hole” by Justin McRoberts
  5. “Wonderful Savior” by Mavis Staples
  6. “Just A Closer Walk With Thee” by Grant Green
  7. “Ain’t No Grave” by Johnny Cash
  8. “Come To Jesus” by Mindy Smith
  9. “Religion Poisons Everything” by Justin McRoberts
  10. “Consider The Ravens” by Dustin Kensrue
  11. “White As Snow” by Jon Foreman
  12. “Deep Calls To Deep” by Lenny Smith
  13. “Did I Step On Your Trumpet?” by Danielson

Download Any Episode

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