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February 8, 2013 at 9:44 am

You get the drill by now. I collect link that I find interesting and thought-provoking. I post them for your browsing enjoyment. We think thoughtfully about everything that’s transpired and then we sit by the fireglow sipping some Pappy Van Winkle 20-year Family Reserve pontificating politically until it’s time for you to go home. If you’re lucky, maybe we can do it again next week. But next time, you supply the Pappy, it is rather hard to come by, you know. And, while I love sharing, I am running a bit low.

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Stay tuned to the Habañero Collective events page for house show upcomings.

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Browse Spin‘s 5 best new artists for February.

Read about Jay Bakker saying that he believes that “heterosexism is probably going to be the death blow to the American Evangelical church” and that he doesn’t “believe 100% of the Bible” (ht: Russell Moore).

Read an oral history of “The Super Bowl Shuffle.”

Help David Bazan book house shows.

Meet the crazy people who lined up at 3:00am for Russian River Brewing Company‘s Pliny The Younger.

Read/chime-in as All Songs Considered fans make their picks for who is making the most original music right now.

Read as Yahoo considers the retailers who will close the most stores in 2013.

Read the story behind the “Superhero Dad” viral image.

I’m not sure who the judges were for this, but someone thinks that Coors Light is the best canned beer out there.

Read/watch about Burger King admitting that they’ve used horse meat.

See Steven Tyler and Jim Carrey hold hands.

Read this piece wondering if it matters whether or not the Bible stories are true (I happen to think it does, you?).

Read this piece wondering what’s really in your energy drink.

Read about the (supposedly real this time) new album from Vampire Weekend.

Read about Twitter being mentioned in approximately half of all the Super Bowl commercials.

Read as Barna argues that professional athletes are more influential than pastors.

Watch as Paste offers early footage of R.E.M. from 1981.

Read as Paste considers the last episode of 30 Rock.

Read this report of The Postal Service announcing their return with a headlining tour.

Read as Laurie Anderson interviews Brian Eno.

In case you’ve been under a rock, there a new album from My Bloody Valentine.

  • Read as Drowned In Sound offers their “first listen” thoughts on the new album.
  • Read as The Quietus chimes in, also with a track-by-track analysis.
  • Read as NPR also weighs in with a song-by-song examination.
  • Read Pitchfork’s review.
  • Read The Guardian‘s review.
  • Read Consequence of Sound’s review.

Read as Michael Chabon considers the movies of Wes Anderson.

Browse as PopMatters considers the best overlooked albums of 2012.

Read a 2010 year-end wrap-up from The Wrens.

Read about The Black Keys suing casinos.

Read this piece about the increasing sales of vinyl.

Read about one man’s experience with the “pray the gay away” approach to homosexuality.

Browse as performers for the Sasquatch festival have been announced.

Browse Paste’s list of 10 things they’d like to see in Apple’s upcoming OS7.

Read about the all girl Kashmir band that was forced to break up by the religion of peace.

Read John Dickson’s response to The Gospel Coalition’s concerns about his book Hearing Her Voice.

Read/listen as Fresh Air talks to Ira Kaplan about his band, Yo La Tengo‘s fabulous new album Fade.

Read about Disney confirming that there will be Star Wars spin-off movies.

Read bout the real-world consequences of “unfriending” someone on Facebook.

Read as Christianity Today reports that Seattle has recently lifted their ban on feeding the homeless.

R.I.P. Donald Byrd.

Read as PopMatters considers why Leonard Cohen‘s music continues to resonate with younger audiences.

Read as the New York Times profiles Frank Ocean.

Browse this list of the most literate cities in the US.

Do you know your neighbors’ names?

Read this profile of a former member of Westboro Baptist Church.

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