The Weekly Town Crier

February 1, 2013 at 8:39 am

Welcome back to the Weekly Town Crier. Here’s where I collect things from my wanderings/wonderings and pass them along to you. Things that, for one reason or another, I found interesting and thought you might too.

There’s no pressure. I fully understand if you don’t think these things are interesting. But don’t complain; get your own blog. Well, actually, let’s not be rash, stay here. There’s nothing else out there for you. Holiday At The Sea is all you need.

Preview the upcoming season of The Walking Dead.

Read Christianity Today’s piece on whether Andy Stanley really meant to call President Obama “Pastor In Chief.”

Read as Leadership Journal wonders why men still hate going to church.

Browse Draft Magazine‘s “12 Ways To Do Beer Better.”

Read this piece wondering how far you can really drive your car on empty.

Read this piece about why Bill Gates hates cash.

Read about Burt Reynolds being hospitalized.

Read about Prince slamming Madonna and Maroon 5.

(Maybe you should) Consider “Man Soap.”

Read bout Tina Turner renouncing her U.S. citizenship.

Browse Paste’s list of worthwhile movie re-makes.

Read this piece about “caring for your introvert.”

Read about Chris Brown and Frank Ocean getting in a fight over a parking spot.

Stream “Regions Of Light And Sound of God,” the new solo album from My Morning Jacket’s Jim James.

Read as Flavorwire considers what your favorite albums as a kid say about you now.

Read/Watch as Neil Gaiman discusses his favorite movies and television with NPR.

Stream Richard Thompson‘s new album “Electric.”

Read about the inmate who used the same trick to escape from prison twice. This time, it took officials five days to notice he was missing.

Read about Brazil installing QR codes into sidewalks to give tourists more information.

Stream “Wonderful, Glorious,” the new album from Eels.

Read as The Telegraph considers the endearing popularity of Fleetwood Mac.

Read USA Today’s profile of The Lone Bellow.

Read Paste’s review of The Lone Bellow’s self-titled debut album.

Read as Peter Hook considers the early days of Joy Division.

Read as NPR interviews Adam Ant about his return to music and new album.

Read as The Telegraph makes a case for Kraftwerk as the world’s most influential band.

Read continued coverage of the Vampire Weekend “new album hoax.”

Read this piece contending that graphic novels may be a more helpful way of encouraging young people to read.

Browse this list of new bands for people musically stuck in the 90′s.

Read about Dogfish Head and Bonnie Prince Billy teaming up.

Watch a new song from My Bloody Valentine.

Watch the new Hyundai Super Bowl ad featuring The Flaming Lips.

Read about record store legend Amoeba Music going digital.

Read about Getty acquiring a third image of Robert Johnson.

Read about PBR possibly purchasing Hostess for the perfect ironic combination.

Read about the women who scared off an would-be burglar by chanting “JESUS!” at him. There is power in the name!

Look: is this the biggest wave ever ridden?

Browse this list of the most beautiful record stores in the world.

Read about the tiff between indie record labels and Myspace (which I guess still exists?).

Watch Dax Shephard photobomb “Dan Lewis.”

Read about the new album of previously unreleased demos and song-versions by Townes Van Zandt.

Read about the new Muppets movie.

Read Matthew Paul Turner’s piece: “Hating President Obama (in Jesus’s name).”

Read about the Boy Scouts reconsidering their stance on homosexuality.

Watch what Charlie Sheen has to say about Lance Armstrong.

Read about the fourth grader who used cocaine to win a science fair.

Read the continued coverage of “Beyonce-Gate” (like what I did there?!).

Read as NPR defends the art of the mixtape.

Read about the “pastor” who is not only a bad tipper but complained to the restaurant, getting the waitress fired after she posted the photo of his anti-tip.

Watch about Oprah injuring her back while trying to lift a birthday flower arrangement.

Read about the “gay dog” who was saved from “death row.”

Read about the former NASCAR driver who led police on a three-state chase.

Use the Coachella line-up to determine your hispter cred. Apparently, I am “Pure Filth Hipster Scum.”

Read this interview with Yo La Tengo‘s Ira Kaplan about the bands return to music video and about cooking and food.

Read/listen as NPR considers the impact of rising postal rates on small record labels.

Browse these tips for writing clearly and coherently.

Read as Pitchfork confirms acts for their annual music festival. Confirmations include Björk, R. Kelly, and Belle and Sebastian.

Browse Consequence of Sound’s 60 most anticipated albums of the year.

Read about Iron & Wine signing to Nonesuch and announcing a new album.

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