The Weekly Town Crier

August 20, 2010 at 6:40 am

originalflyer23_towncrierSometimes this and sometimes that but oftentimes but not always, the Town Crier. He scours the dregs to bring you the diamonds. It’s a thankless job and that’s not really why he does it but it might help if you did actually say thank you once in a while. I mean, seriously, do you think he just has all day to sit around and look for things that you might find interesting?! Like he’s your personal Yahoogle or something. Come on. You know better than that. Or do you? I’m beginning to wonder.

Watch this piece saying that if you want Flash on your iPhone, consider jailbreaking it.

Read Time’s piece considering the mainstream-ization of marijuana in CA.

Listen as Neue interviews Mark Driscoll.

Read as Justin Buzzard considers the death of the telephone call.

Read about the pastor who says that he hates homosexuality but is attracted to men.

Browse a list of 100 Pixar characters.

Read about the man who plans to tweet the entire Bible in three years.

Read about the perils of “Hipster Christianity.”

Read as Jared Wilson imagines what it might be like to ask Brian McLaren if he wants a glass of milk.

Read about a study trying to understand how technology affects our brains.

Read as the Barna group considers how often Americans “change faiths.”

R.I.P. Jazz photographer Herman Leonard.

R.I.P. Clark Pinnock.

R.I.P. Andy Hummel, founding member of Big Star.

R.I.P. Michael Been of The Call.

Street Fighter fish throw.

Read about the National Jazz Museum acquiring the Savory Collection.

Read the Wall Street Journal article saying that Christians may go around the world trying to help people, but they’re not sharing their faith.

Read one designer’s thoughts on making smoking more difficult for smokers.

See some unwelcome facts about fast food.

Read about a judge protecting Fred Phelps’ “right” to protest military funerals.

Read about the man who wants to help renovate America’s image abroad by redesigning our currency.

Read about young people moving away from wrist-watches and e-mail.

Browse this list of 15 things that should be free.

See Coral Ridge’s new logo and read the explanation.

Read as Christianity Today reviews Doug Burr’s O Ye Devastator.

Read Christianity Today’s review of Thad Cockrell’s To Be Loved.

Browse a brief history of the Internet.

Read the Resurgence’s profiles of “bans,” guys who aren’t men but boys.

Read about the brewing controversy between Marvin Olasky and Jim Wallis.

Read as the NY Times wonders why it’s taking so many young people so long to grow up.

Browse this gallery of bad band tattoos.

See a preview of Bob Dylan’s upcoming art showing.

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