The Weekly Town Crier Moves

August 30, 2013 at 10:46 am

packing-cases-298459-mFor many years, I have had a regular blog post called “The Weekly Town Crier” in which i have collected links of varying degrees of interest and passed them along to people of varying degrees of interest.

The intent was always to promote and provoke thought and discussion.

In fact, it quickly became my most popular post. No matter how good everything else I have written has been. Now, don’t worry, the Town Crier will continue, but after lots of thought, discussion and planning, it will move. It will no longer be here at my personal blog. I will continue to write here but as you may have noticed, I don’t get to it much lately.

You may or may not know that I am part of something called Habañero Collective. This is something that began as a podcast that explored and challenged the idea of “Christian music.” After 14 or 15 episodes of the podcast, including a special feature on The Trees Community, we felt like we had said what we wanted to say.

Then we started hosting concerts. In homes. You see, we live in the West Valley of Phoenix where there is no music scene to speak of. Under normal circumstances, my first reaction is to blog about such injustices. But in this case, we decided to start hosting concerts. This lasted several years and we have met some fantastic people and I can honestly say that some of my favorite musical experiences ever have been hosted by us (Seryn, Aaron Spiro, Chris Bathgate, Ramsay Midwood, and others). That’s pretty cool.

While the house shows have continued to grow, so has Habañero Collective’s vision. As the vision has grown, so has the website. Our new website will regularly feature and promote local, national and international arts and culture. We will eventually feature regular, original content and lots of links to interesting things. It makes sense to move the Town Crier to that site, which happened today.

  • Visit the Town Crier at his new home now. Hope to see you there.


The Weekly Town Crier

August 23, 2013 at 10:30 am

IMG_0599Yabba Dabba Doo, Scooby Doo, How You Do? Ahh’ighty, Tighty Whitey. Okie Dokie Artichokie. Until then, you big Baboon.

Welcome to the Twerkly Town Crier.

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Browse Buzzfeed‘s list of “27 Breathtaking Record Stores You Have To Shop At Before You Die.”

Read Huffington Post’s piece: “Lutherans Elect First Female Bishop.”

Read Salon‘s piece interviewing Alan Moore about crowd-sourcing: “the revolution will be crowd-funded.”

Read about the recent study that found that “One out of five non-Christians in North America doesn’t know any Christians.”

Read Consequence Of Sound’s urging celebrities: “Please stop trampling on the graves of dead musicians.”

Read the Art of Manliness‘ suggestions for “How to Decorate a Man Room.”

See Maslow’s (updated) Hierarchy of Needs.

Kombucha beer?

See Prince’s new single artwork referencing Dave Chapelle’s reference to Prince. How Meta.

Read about ‘NSync reuniting.

Hear Tears For Fears cover Arcade Fire.

Help pick “The Best Craft Beer Bar In America” with

R.I.P. Elmore Leonard.

Stream Neko Case’s New LP The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You.”

Read about the “Architecture Student Converts Old Bus into Comfy Mobile Home Complete with Repurposed Gym Floor.”

Read Paste’s report: “Netflix to Acquire Exclusive Streaming Rights for Weinstein Films.”

Read the pressing news: “Breaking: Double Stuf Oreos May Not Actually Be Doubly Stuf’ed; Only 1.86 Times Stuf.”

R.I.P. Marian McPartland.

Read Paste’s report:  ”Apple’s iTunes Radio Expected to Launch in September.”

Watch the 1979 Austrian Film ‘Tom Waits: A Day in Vienna’

Read about the “Typeface Flashcard Game Released as Free Download.”

Read Consequence of Sound’s report: “Dan Auerbach lost Bob Dylan’s hair in divorce settlement. Jack White is laughing.”

The Weekly Town Crier

August 16, 2013 at 10:49 am

BIO_18-B13-BR-radio-announcer-c1940-S24You know how it goes. Keepin’ it Trill, Yo. The upside of the downlow.

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Browse this list of five easy hikes in Metro Phoenix.

Read as Spotify argues that “Music festivals increase piracy.”

Read as Consequence of Sound makes their picks for “The 10 Best Things At Lollapalooza 2013.”

Read this piece: “Eleven Things You Might Not Understand About Your Minister.”

Read about,s Founder Buying The Washington Post.

Hear “Idiot Kings,” the new track from Mike Doughty’s upcoming album of Soul Coughing material.

Read MSN’s piece: “Hipsters are killing American razor sales.”

Read this piece wondering “Who Raised These Millennials Anyway?”

Read about the guy who “implanted headphones in his own ears.”

Read about Tom Petty’s new album.

Watch the newest teaser for the finale of Breaking Bad.

Read about the Postal Service’s final performance ever.

Read this report about album sales hitting an all-time low.

Read Ozzy Osbourne’s comments: “Ozzy Osbourne Calls Sabbath Drummer Bill Ward ‘Overweight’.”

Read this piece finding: “Megachurches are a Megaminority.”

Read Consequence of Sound’s piece: “Cover a song, upload it to YouTube, and you may get sued.”

R.I.P. George Duke.

Read about Daft Punk canceling their Colbert appearance, and ruining an MTV surprise appearance.

Read about Arcade Fire scoring Spike Jonze’s new movie.

Read about Bob Dylan’s “lost gem.”

Read about the skateboarder who died after being tazed by police officers.

Read about the history and psychology of clowns being scary.

Read Paste’s report that “Bret McKenzie Writing “Henson-y” Musical.”

Read about the former forensics detective who now makes “die-o-ramas.”

Read Paste’s report that “Jay Leno’s Last Tonight Show” has been announced for February 06.

Read the rumors about the next iPhone.

Read Paste’s review of the newest episode of Breaking Bad. Did you watch it? What did you think?

Read this piece wondering if the “craft beer bubble” will burst.

Browse “Habits of Great Writers.”

Read about the new partnership between Buzzfeed and IFC.

Browse this list of “Why Having Kids Sucks (18 Pics).”

Learn “How to Throw a Tomahawk Like a Mountain Man.”

Read the hilariously titled piece: “Skinny dippers in Scandinavia warned over invasive fish that targets testicles.”

Read about “Cormac McCarthy’s Existentialism.”

Read as NPR considers: “What Are The Best Apps For Making Music?”

Read this insightful piece about kids’ movies: “You Can Do Anything: Must Every Kids’ Movie Reinforce the Cult of Self Esteem?”

Read The Atlantic’s piece: “AMC Is Thriving By Breaking the Rules of Legacy TV.”

Read as Christianity Today weighs in on “The Frightening—But Biblical—Moral Logic of ‘Breaking Bad’”

Find out more about the Brew Dog television series.

Read as Jonathan Merritt considers “Spurgeon: How the politically liberal preacher became a conservative Christian paragon.”

Read Billboard‘s report: “Sub Pop Signs Shabazz Palaces’ Ishmael Butler to A&R Team.”

Read Consequence of Sound’s report that “Michelle Obama is releasing a hip-hop album.”

Read the New York Times’ piece: “Help From Evangelicals (Without Evangelizing) Meets the Needs of an Oregon Public School.”

Read as Consequence of Sound argues: “Kendrick Lamar Declares War on Hip-Hop.” Pitchfork chimes in: “Kendrick Lamar Destroys the Competition.”

Read this report that: “Google Maps Has An Incredible Doctor Who Easter Egg.”

See first pictures from James Franco’s film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s Child of God.

Read as Time proclaims Lucius a “band to watch.”

Read Consequence of Sound’s list of “Twelve Music Biopics We Wanna See.”

Read as “Relevant” considers “Antidepressants and Faith.”

Read about the “Original Joy Division, New Order recordings rescued from trash.”

Read this piece about a growing number of churches incorporating electronic music into worship.

Read the piece: “Seattle Police Department Will Distribute Doritos to Stoners.”

Read Paste’s report:”Tina Fey Producing New Comedy For NBC”

Read Wired’s piece: “How Steve Jobs Turned Technology — And Apple — Into Religion.”

Read “Relevant’s” piece: “5 Lies Christians Believe.”

Read this piece reminding us that “Pro-Life is More Than Anti-Abortion.”

Browse this list of “6 Famous Documentaries That Were Shockingly Full of Crap.”

The Weekly Town Crier

August 2, 2013 at 9:27 am

p160-4-jpgHowdy Hoody Hidy Ho, There, Neighboroonee! How’deebee? You know the drill, drill through the links until you find your own personal gold. Because, after all, it is about you, now isn’t it?! Isn’t that always the way it is?! I’ve had just about enough of this. Quit yer shennanigans.

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Read as Arrested Development‘s creator confirms more is in store for the Bluth family.

Read about the Virginia Tech student who apparently doesn’t realize that Nirvana‘s Kurt Cobain is dead. Or A Man.

Read about the Church of England declaring “war on payday loans company.”

Browse Consequence of Sound‘s list of “The Top 10 Songs About Jesus (by Christian Artists).”

Help support Soma Collective’s new children’s album.

Browse this list of “The Best Artists and Bands Without a No. 1 Album.”

Read this report that “Freddie Mercury-Michael Jackson duets to be released.”

Read Paste’s piece: “Spike Lee Reveals List of Essential Films for Aspiring Filmmakers.”

R.I.P. JJ Cale.

Read as Pitchfork wonders if vinyl really sounds better.

Read and Read as VH1 considers A Tribe Called Quest‘s brilliant The Low End Theory on the album’s 20th anniversary.

Read about Iron Maiden‘s new beer.

Read about how street artist Banksy helped a man he inadvertently got evicted.

Read NPR’s piece: “Paying The Piper: Music Streaming Services In Perspective.”

Browse Paste’s list of “The 10 Most Infamous Band Feuds in Rock History.”

Watch Derek Webb‘s new video, “I Was Wrong, I’m Sorry And I Love You”.

Read as “Pope Francis says he won’t judge gays.”

Browse Rolling Stone’s list of the “50 Greatest Live Acts Right Now.” Their criteria: “To be eligible for the list, a performer must have toured within the last five years and not announced their retirement.” What do you think of their list?

Read this report that: “Neutral Milk Hotel expands reunion tour into 2014.”

Read Consequence of Sound‘s report: “Explosions in the Sky to score new Al Pacino film, Manglehorn.

Read about the restraining order placed against Jack White by his ex-wife.

Come out and see Shawn Skinner at the Yucca Tap Room.

Read Tony Jones‘ piece: “Repost from December, 2006: My Day at Southern Seminary.”

Read Kevin DeYoung‘s piece: “Is the New Evangelical Liturgy Really an Improvement?”

Read Scot McKnight‘s piece: “What American Christianity Looks Like: Theologically.”

Read as Jim Gilmore wonders why Evangelicals don’t read larger chunks of the Bible.

Read this piece wondering: “Do Religions Produce “More than Their Fair Share” of Child Abusers?”

Browse as Rolling Stone makes their picks for the best Sesame Street musical guests.

Read as NPR considers “How The Hot 100 Became America’s Hit Barometer.”

Read as Flavorwire considers “Classic Novels That Blur the Line Between Real Life and Fiction.”

The Weekly Town Crier

July 25, 2013 at 11:37 pm

announcer446x374OK, this is how we do it.

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Stay tuned to the Habañero Collective events page for house show upcomings or check out out new concert-only website, Habañero Shows.

Take a Tumbl with me.

Read Hunter S. Thompson‘s thoughts on Jack Kerouac.

Browse Consequence of Sound’s list of the best concept albums.

Watch the trailer for Ridley Scott’s The Counselor, featuring Cormac McCarthy‘s first screenplay.

Watch as N.T. Wright gives some thoughts on reading the Bible.

Read as Paste has “Drinks With David Sedaris.”

Read about AC/DC’s new lager.

Read about the reunion of Kids in the Hall.

Watch a performance by Sir Paul McCartney with Nirvana, A.K.A., “Sirvana.”

Read New York Times’ piece about Mo’ Meta Blues, The World According To Questlove.

Read The Daily Mail‘s piece: “‘You’re a faux hippy Wal-Mart’: Whole Foods Market worker quits in ‘epic’ resignation email.”

Read about Morrissey canceling his North American tour.

Read The Independent’s review of the reissue of Rainer and Das Combo‘s classic Barefoot Rock album.

Read about Phish‘s Phall Tour.

Read as LucasFilm denies that JJ Abrams is close to resigning from the Star Wars project.

Browse Rolling Stone’s report on the “10 Biggest Comic-Con Revelations.”

Watch the first single from the collaboration between Elvis Costello and The Roots, “Walk Us Uptown.”

Read Paste’s interview with Vernon Chatman, Andy Kaufman archivist on the comedian’s posthumous album, “Andy & His Grandmother.”

Read Paste’s report that “Sacha Baron Cohen Quits Freddie Mercury Biopic.”

Hear a new track from The Lumineers.

Read as The Head And The Heart announce their new album.

Read about Chuck Palahniuk‘s announcement that the follow-up to Fight Club will be a graphic novel.

Read as Over The Rhine’s Linford Detweiler talks to Paste about the band’s new double album, Meet Me At The Edge Of The World.

Read as Rolling Stone talks to “Sinead O’Connor on Her ‘Gospel Sessions’ and the Priesthood of Music.”

Watch Junip on NPR Music.

Read as Paul McCartney says that he can’t imagine retiring.

Read: “This Week in Rock History: Bob Dylan Goes Electric.”

Read as Vanity Fair reports on Harper Lee’s fight to regain copyright of To Kill A Mockingbird.

Read/Listen to NPR’s piece about how musicians helped integrate Hollywood.

The Weekly Town Crier

July 19, 2013 at 7:31 am

imagesYuppity yup yup. You know it. Dang, son! Welcome to the Weekly Town Crier, keepin’ it trill, yo!

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Stay tuned to the Habañero Collective events page for house show upcomings or check out out new concert-only website, Habañero Shows.

Take a Tumbl with me.

I used to tell people that my dream job was to make music mixes for stores. Read this piece introducing you to the man behind the music at Chipotle and read this piece explaining why you won’t hear Radiohead there.

Read this piece arguing that: “Christianity is Falsifiable, which makes it distinctive among religions.”

Read about Arcade Fire confirming a new album.

Read about the “‘Vampire’ Graves Uncovered in Poland.”

Browse Paste’s collection of “Favorite Sharknado Tweets.”

Read Mashable’s piece about “The Pixar Theory” – “Every Character Lives in the Same Universe.” What do you think?

Read about Netflix wanting more Arrested Development. What did you think of Season Four?

Read Consequence of Sound’s report that “Bill Cosby announces first TV comedy special in 30 years.”

Browse this list of random interesting facts.

Read the Smithsonian’s piece: “Being a Lifelong Bookworm May Keep You Sharp in Old Age.”

Read Ed Stetzer‘s piece: “3 Things Privileged Christians Can Learn from the Trayvon Martin Case.”

Read about “Thom Yorke, Atoms For Peace pull music from Spotify.” Read Spotify’s response. Read as Radiohead‘s manager sides with Spotify.

Read Frontline’s piece asking “Is There Racial Bias in “Stand Your Ground” Laws?”

Read Consequence of Sound’s coverage: “Morrissey on latest tour cancelation: “It could only be me.”

Download Soundwave, an app that shares your entire music history.

Browse “Relevant’s” list of “7 Head-Scratching Lines From CCM.”

Read this piece about “The Bad Apple in Comments” on blogs.

Read NPR’s piece “Anonymous Tip Led To Outing Of J.K. Rowling‘s Alter Ego.”

Read about the Dave Matthews Band fans who found Dave Matthews on the side of the road while on the way to his concert.

Watch the First Teaser for Breaking Bad‘s Final Episodes” over at Paste.

Read about one of the world’s largest music labels starting a “crowdfunding campaign to reissue out-of-print vinyl.”

Read Pitchfork’s report that “The Weeknd Sampled Portishead Without Permission, Says Geoff Barrow.”

Read The Art of Manliness’ piece: “Why You Should Graciously and Fully Accept Compliments.”

Watch Mike Doughty reinterpret the Soul Coughing tune “Saint Louis Is Listening” for his new album.

R.I.P. T-Model Ford.

Read Slate’s insightful piece about Trayvon Martin: “His death wasn’t about race, guns, or your pet issue. It was about misjudgment and overreaction—exactly what we’re doing now to the verdict.”

Browse Phoenix New Times’ picks for their 10 favorite breweries in Metro Phoenix.

Hear “California,” the first new music from Mazzy Star in 17 years.

Read Pitchfork’s piece reporting that The Weeknd did not actually have permission to sample Portishead.

Read NPR’s profile of SubPop.

Read Rolling Stone’s piece: “Bob Dylan Revisits ‘Self Portrait‘ on Next Edition of Bootleg Series.”

Read about Beastie Boys‘ Mike D talking about what’s next.

Read Paste’s coverage: “Full House’s Jesse & the Rippers Reuniting for Jimmy Fallon.”

 Read Paste’s piece: “Van Morrison to Release Deluxe Reissue of Moondance.”

Read as NPR covers the controversy surrounding a recent Rolling Stone cover featuring Boston Bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Browse an opposing set of images from Boston Magazine.

Browse these tips for extending your smartphone’s battery life.

Browse this list of phrases many people get wrong.

Watch Bob Dylan, Jeff Tweedy, and Jim James perform together.

Read The Independent’s piece: “One hell of a deal: Pope Francis offers reduced time in Purgatory for Catholics that follow him on Twitter.”

Chime in as Consequence of Sound wonders who the best current mainstream rock band might be.

FYI: The Artist Formerly Known As Jay-Z is now Jay Z.

Read as Flavorwire offers 25 opinions on “What is Punk?”

Read Flavorwire’s piece: “Johnny Depp Must Be Stopped.”

Read as NPR asks: “Does Ignoring A Friend’s Mix Make You A Bad Person?”

Read Consequence of Sound’s report: “Jason Bonham’s dream is to drum alongside John Bonham’s hologram.”

The Weekly Town Crier

July 12, 2013 at 8:23 am

imagesYeah, yeah, yeah. Here we are, faced with another Friday and the nostalgia the end of every work brings about in the still small space of our quiet. What did I do with my life this past week? Have I really lived or am I just existing? How did I make the world a better place this week? . . . what am I doing with my life . . . OK, so maybe that’s just me.

Welcome to The Weekly Town Crier. Don’t call it a link dump, I’ve been here for years. Here’s a collection of things I found interesting this past week. You may or may not find them as equally interesting. That’s your business. Now get on with it.

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Read as First Things wonders: “Are We Really So Opposed to Discrimination?”

Read about Mumford and Sons wondering when they recorded “Home.” Oh wait, that was Phillip Phillips.

Read about “Breaking Bad Creator Says Saul Goodman Spinoff is Moving “Full Speed Ahead.”

Read about James Franco’s announcement that he’s not done adapting Faulkner for the screen just yet.

Read Time’s piece: “KFC Is Not Amused by ‘Hitler’ Fried Chicken.”

Read the New Yorker’s piece: “Desert Bus: The Worst Video Game Ever Created.”

Hey Broseph, read about Tempe being named the U.S.’ #5 city for “bros.”

Read this piece arguing: “Yes Church, We Still Need Seminaries.” What do you think?

Read this piece arguing: “Love Closed Down Exodus International.”

Read this piece wondering why alcohol is still an issue for so many Christians.

ExplorHarry Potter‘s Diagon Alley.

Read as Christianity Today lists “Six Surprises from Bono’s Interview with Focus on the Family.”

Browse Paste’s list of “13 Awesome Yo Gabba Gabba! Guest Appearances.”

Read the Associated Press‘ piece: “The Civil Wars Release New Album Despite Hiatus,” in which Joy Williams and Charlie Peacock shed a bit (but not much) light on the group’s internal discord and indefinite hiatus.

Browse as Pitchfork launches a film site called The Dissolve.

Read as Barna considers “The State of Vacation Bible School in the U.S.”

Browse one author’s list of “8 Things I Wish Jesus Had Never Said.”

Read Rolling Stone’s piece: “Michael Nesmith on His Recommitment to the Monkees.”

Read about a jail holding a “Father, Daughter” dance for inmates.

Read this piece finding that “Coca Cola Wants You to Start Drinking Coke at Breakfast.”

Read “Relevant’s” piece urging: “Stop Defining Yourself By What You Don’t Like.”

Watch Phish perform “Tweezer > Sand” (07/06/13).

Browse L.A. Weekly’s “Complete” list of the “Top 20 Punk Albums in History.” Before you look, what do you guess tops the list? After you’ve looked, what do you think of their picks?

Browse Paste’s list of the “11 Professions Of James Franco.”

Read the Art of Manliness’ “Primer On Krav Maga.”

Read NPR’s piece on the use of electric guitar by composers.

Read BuzzFeed’s interview with This American Life’s Ira Glass on how the show made it to 500 episodes.

Download a live 2011 set from Chris Forsyth and the Paranoid Cat Band at WFMU from the Free Music Archive.

Browse this list of modern, groundbreaking guitarists.

Read about Pearl Jam announcing a new album.

Read as NME explores how we listen to music in 2013.

Browse Bill Gates’ summer reading list.

Browse as The Millions has nine British authors choose “The Great American Novel.”

Read as NPR asks: “What Does Your Summer Reading Say About You?”

Download a free summer mix from Stereogum.

Browse as NPR offers “The Best Concert-Finding Mobile Apps.”

Browse Rolling Stone’s reader’s poll of the worst band names ever.

Browse as Henry Rollins chooses his favorite punk albums of all time.

Read the Phoenix New Times’ piece: “Hipster Farmers Are Abandoning Their Chickens, Flooding Animal Shelters.”

Browse this list of “Things Indie Rock Fans Hate.”